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Willy Vosburgh's Moose Lake Tow Boat Service in the BWCAW

Born and raised on Moose Lake in Ely, Minnesota Willy Vosburgh is proud to offer tow boat services for visitors to the BWCAW on Moose Lake. Tow boats provide an efficient way to get deeper into the wilderness and help distribute the visitors to this pristine place. Willy is known for his punctuality, solid risk management, and service. He is also happy to offer local knowledge..and maybe a few jokes along the way. 

2024 Tow Boat Service Rates

From/To Moose Lake Public Landing

or Vosburgh Custom Cabin Rentals

Per Person. One Way.

Prairie Portage $34 

Birch Lake Portage and Indian Portage $33

Ensign $32 

Washington Island and Lincoln Island (Basswood Lake)

$84.5 + portage fees

Back Bay (Basswood Lake) $113 + portage fees

* single night lodging prior to a tow is not available

Contact Willy Vosburgh


phone: 218-290-7228

*because Willy is usually out on the boat please try texting or emailing first and he will get back to you, thanks!

Tow boat driver on Moose Lake wearing an orange hat.

A few things to note:

  • Tow boat rides can sometimes be chilly with the wind, wear ample layers.

  • Please notify Willy immediately if your schedule or plans change.

  • All passengers must wear PFD's fully zipped while riding in the towboat.

  • Parking available only for round trip customers. Willy will park your vehicle in the secure lot after drop-off and will bring it to landing prior to pick-up. 

  • There may be delays due to weather, Willy reserves the right to cancel or postpone any tow due to risk management concerns. 

DIRECTIONS: when driving to Vosburgh's Custom Cabin Rentals, make sure to continue downhill towards the lake on Vosburgh Rd to the main boat landing (past William's and Hall Outfitters). See link in Google map for exact location.

Vosburgh's Boat Landing

14663 Vosburgh Rd

Ely, MN 55731

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