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Best Day Hikes in ELY, MN

Ely, Minnesota's day hikes offer stunning lake vistas, pine, cedar, and birch forests, opportunities to see wildlife, waterfalls, creeks, and bridges over beaver dams. These hikes are true wilderness experiences. A few of the best trails are very close to Vosburgh's Custom Cabin Rentals.

Here's a list of our favorite day hikes in the Ely area:

Secret Blackstone lake

Secret Blackstone

2-4 mile loopMODERATE

  • Just down the road from Vosburgh's Custom Cabins.

  • Lake vistas, beaver lodges, and beautiful pine forests with a chance to see wildlife.

  • Click here for a printable map and here for more information and images. 

Roaring kawishiwi falls water fall with sprays of water.

Kawishiwi Falls

1.5 milesEASY

  • Located a short drive from Vosburgh's Custom Cabin Rentals.

  • A popular 1.5 mile round-trip hiking trail offers stunning views of the 70ft. drop Kawishiwi Falls/Fall Lake Dam. 

  • Click here for a printable map and here for more information and images.

Large pine tree hanging over a quiet lake.

Snowbank Loop Trail

Up to 27 milesMODERATE

  • Located a short drive from Vosburgh's Custom Cabin Rentals.

  • This 27-mile loop around Snowbank lake is also a part of the greater 41-mile Kekabaic through-hike trail of the eastern half of the BWCAW. Excellent in and out day hike options. Hike as long as you want. 

  • Click here for a map and here for more information and images.

Basws lake meadow with tree reflections.

Bass Lake Trail

1.7, 3, 5.25 or 6.1 mile optionsEASY to MODERATE

  • A local favorite on the Echo trail! Wander through birch, cedar, and pine forests, with stunning overlooks atop granite cliffs. Enjoy a picnic lunch next to a cascading waterfall. 

  • Click here for a printable map and here for more information and images. 

Open wooded trail next to boulders on Semers island

Big Island Trail

1 mileEASY 

  • A local in-town favorite for adventurous kids. Swim at the public beach, enjoy the playground, and explore the islands at Semer's park. You might even get a chance to see the floatplanes take off and land at the nearby Seaplane base.  

  • More information. 

Looking through pine trees along a shoreline.

Bear Head Lake State Park

3.5 or 6 mile loopsEASY to MODERATE

  • Secluded in the Northwoods, this park contains pristine lakes; it is home to black bears, nesting eagles, wolves and moose. Stands of white and red pine trees tower over the birch, aspen and fir trees. 

  • Click here for a printable map and here for more information and images. 

Tree reflections on calm water on a Angleworm lake in the BWCA.

Angleworm Loop


  • For the hardy adventurers, this rugged loop meanders through the BWCA and offers quiet camping options with beautiful lake views. 

  • Located 20 minutes down the Echo trail.

  • Click here for more information and images. 

Trezona trail leading up to mining shaft.

Trezona Trail Loop

4 mile loopEASY 

  • Located in town this 4 miles mostly paved trail goes around Miners Lake, a former iron ore mining pit. History abounds in the area providing a glimpse into the economic lifeblood of the past. 

  • Click here for a printable map

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