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    Custom Cabins September 2019 eNews


    It is difficult to believe that summer has come and gone and now we  in Ely, Minnesota are in the grasps of fall.  Throughout September we had an abundance of rain, and in addition we even have had snow. The snow did not reach the ground, however it was literally in the air.



    Our tiger lilies and black eyed Susan's bloomed against the peaking background of Moose Lake.


    Even with fall approaching, the small mouth bass were still active. This beauty was caught somewhere on Moose Lake which is part of the Chain of Lakes.



    Up on Basswood, naturally the Northern pike were anxious to jump on the fishermen's hooks, but because we have had a lot of rain and our temperatures have remained mild, the fish have remained active.  The second picture shows a great picture of a Northern caught on Moose Lake.


    Since many of our dock helpers are in high school sports or college, they tend to vanish toward the end of August and the first part of September which leaves us shorthanded. This year we were lucky to find Debra and her pal Finn. Debra is a junior in high school and wanted to work on weekends. She and her side kick have really helped us out. Hopefully, all of you will get to meet her next summer.


    All of the fish we have showcased this month were wonderful and exemplify the quality of fish our Moose Lake and surrounding area offer, however, we have to say that this 31 inch walleye probably takes the cake.  It too was caught on somewhere Moose Lake.


    Watching over all of the activity at Custom Cabins and on Moose Lake, was our "resident" eagle. This bird seems to like to hang out in this one particular branch and, more or less, guards our area.


    Last, but certainly not least, is this picture of the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) taken from our upper deck at our lodge. Two gentlemen showed up late one afternoon when there were "lights" forecast for that night, and were looking for a place to view the lights. This picture was taken by Chris Juhn (http://chrisjuhnphotograp.wixsite.com/juhn), but others were taken by Travis Meier (@theTravisMeier). They are freelance photographers, who set up their cameras and shot away. While we had a difficult time seeing the lights with our naked eyes, their cameras caught the entire show. We will be featuring more of their work in future letters.