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    Custom Cabins July 2019 eNews


    July couldn't have come and gone in northeastern Minnesota, but we guess it has.  The month at Custom Cabin Rentals was full of happy people boating, hiking, and fishing.  Fish just seemed to jump onto hooks and into boats.


    It may have been a bit windy, but it didn't stop this lady from landing a really big walleye. After the photo session, this beauty was carefully released and was able to go to its home to talk about its adventure.


    More fish kept coming and coming.  Here this young lady posed with a very large bass along with two edible walleye.  The bass was released.  Large fish are just not as tasty as the smaller ones, though they are more exciting to catch.


    This 25" walleye was captured on Basswood. Exactly where, of course, we don't know. All we know is that it was a beautiful day and a beautiful fish.


    To change the topic for a bit, Ely has a new symbol called "Little Ely". It is a miniature water tower, and it seems to be traveling, not only around Ely, but all over the country and beyond. It stands a little over six inches if you include the four antennae on top of the tower itself.  Wolfland Computers and Hobby is manufacturing them using a 3D printer.  If you are interested in getting one, you can email Dave, the owner, at: info@wolfland.net .


    Little Ely even managed to travel to Betsy's childhood farm in Charleston, IL.  Little Ely is sitting on a fence post at the beginning of the driveway, and if you look carefully at the upper left corner of the picture, you can see just a bit of her house.


    Another 10 pound walleye, but this one was snagged in Birch-a canoe only lake. Her smile says it all.


    These men really hit the jack pot with about 15 bass and four walleye. They said that they released twice as many as they kept. Among the ones that were released were 15 to 18 inch bass and a 21 inch walleye. What a day.

    So, summer is not nearly over with, and there are many more fish in the lakes. Come on up.