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    Custom Cabins September 2018 eNews


    It is difficult to realize that our wonderful season has come has come to an end.  It was a wonderful summer with wonderful guests. The temperatures were perfect in northeastern, MN, though towards the end of the month we did receive a considerable amount of rain.


    Some of our last flowers were the petunias that bloomed at the bottom of our sign.
    With their beauty they welcomed our guests all summer long.


    While our guests were here in September some managed to explore the wilderness in a different way.  Rather than having to paddle a kayak, why not get a ride while attached to a motor boat.  A good time was had by all.  There were no reports of fish having been caught by the kayaker.


    Fish were still being caught as evidenced by this nice bass.  Walleye were more elusive and had started to head south in the waters toward their winter homes.


    Yes, the northern may not have approved if its almost selfie since it was not in its most photographic position, but still it was a beauty and fun to catch. Northern Pike never seem to go to bed, though because of the cold or frozen waters they may be more difficult to catch.  The eating is still good regardless of the case.


    Then the weather changed signaling the approach of fall.  It is at this time of year we have fog, especially over the lake-cool air and warm water.  With Willy's float plane sitting at the dock on Moose Lake, we know it will not be going anywhere until the fog lifts.


    Still, at this time of year, people love to go camping in the BWCAW to enjoy the color changes of the leaves, no bugs, and the cool temperatures.  This group chose to have us ferry them up to one of the many canoe only areas.  We tie canoes to the top of a special boat and transport people, their packs, and, of course, their canoes to a more remote point where they then paddle to their destination.  It saves them about four hours of paddling through common waters.


    The trees began to change about a week later than usual.  They usually begin their change during the last week in September, reach their peak at the end of that week, stick around for a few days, and then begin to fade toward the last week of September.  This year, they have been about a week late and in addition, they have not been turning according to schedule.  Some are in their totally glory, while others are still working on it, and still the rest have not even begun their journey for transition from summer to fall.


    Still, even though we have had totally unsettled weather, our magnificent sunsets still arrive and remind of us of solitude and beauty.


    NOTE: We are sure many of you have received notification that the permit system has changed and that there will no longer be a lottery. Instead, it will be a "first come first serve" basis on January 30am (central time). We will let you know more specifics as we receive them. The idea is that you no longer have to "apply" for permits. You submit a form and hope you get your permits immediately. Stay tuned.

    Happy fall.

    Your Custom Cabins Crew