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    Custom Cabins September 2017 eNews



    Can you believe the summer has passed and we are into fall weather and colors in north eastern MN. Ely had a cool and wet summer and so far an equally wet fall with little sunshine.  In spite of that our trees are still performing their beautiful and magical transformations.


    Take a careful look at this picture. You can see a new addition to our "fleet". As we mentioned before, Willy has obtained his flight instructor rating to include flying float planes. So now we can offer sightseeing tours, and float plane training. Please pass this on to all of your pilot friends who might like to combine a fishing trip with some float piloting instruction.


    The trees and bushes started their color changes about a week late this year. They are usually in full color at the end of the last week in September, but not so this year.  The leaves seemed to be on a different schedule this season.


     Yes, the maples are always the first in line to change and scarcely scattered as they are throughout our area, they always lead the parade. We may not notice them in the summer as we drive back and forth to town, but they really pop out in the fall as they change from green to bright red. We realize there are different types of maples with different shades of red, but this area seems to specialize with the bright red ones.


    Every so often, we have an eagle that likes to just perch and look over the cliff.  We are not sure if he/she is just enjoying the view or, indeed, searching for prey. Anyway, this one was resting on a branch, more or less watching us as we took the picture, with the wild grape bush rich in purple colors in the foreground.


    Now that things have calmed down and the dock boys have a bit more time, they actually take time to go fishing in the evening.  Willy managed to hook this 21 inch bass, which naturally was carefully released.  We know that it was caught on Moose Lake, but, obviously, the exact location was not disclosed.


    While cleaning up things from around the back of the garage, Willy happened to find this salamander and took its picture while it was sitting on his hand.  Salamanders like to live in dark damp places as in under wet leaves and shallow swamps.  Because they usually are hidden under a wet terrain, they are usually not seen.  The ones found in our area are totally harmless.


    Looking across Rookie Pond, one can see that the aspens and birches were beginning to turn, but still had not reached their magnificent yellow and golden brilliance.


    And as Roy Rogers and the famed Masked Man with his silver stallion faded into the sunset, so did our white float plane!!!

    Happy fall to all.