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    Custom Cabins September 2016 eNews


    Good grief!  It is difficult to believe that summer is already over with in Northeastern Minnesota.  Here at Custom Cabins in Ely, we miss our wonderful guests who came from all over to relax and recharge while enjoying the beauty of the north woods. 


    After our guests left, we took some time and visited the North American Bear Center. One of the local residents that resides at the North American Bear Center will not leave the area, but will begin his repose for the winter.  Ted is a 19 year old black bear that is one of the ambassador bears and is usually one of the first to greet guests from his two acre yard.  He and three other bears help educate visitors about the life of bears.  Ted had been raised by humans, and when he was a whopping 850 pounds his owners decided they could no longer keep him and he was moved to the Bear Center.  After his arrival, he was put on a diet and now is a mere 650 pounds.  In addition to his yard where he finds berries and other things bears like to eat, his diet is supplemented with nuts and other healthy goodies.  In addition to his yard, he has his own private quarters with bedding, etc.  In other words, we think he is living a "country club" type of life.





    As fall starts to arrive some of our fall animal guests who had been gone during the summer have begun to return. One in particular is the grey jay, whisky jack, or camp robber.  This bird is referred to by different names depending on the area in which it is found. Anyway, the breed is very friendly. The one pictured here had been sitting in a nearby spruce tree, and when we went out on the deck, it flew in to visit us with the hope of being fed.


    Well, it was in luck. Even though the bird knows Betsy, it did not know Betsy's brother, who was visiting, but it came in anyway. Even as a stranger to the birds, her bro was able to hand feed it with the dog food that was offered.  We have been told if we feed them through the winter, that in the spring the entire family- mom, dad, and the kids- will arrive at our feeding station.  If that happens, we will try to get a picture.





    Another temporary arrival has been the presence of asters.  These are wild flowers that appear all over open areas.  We are fortunate enough to have both the white and lavender type.  They are great to pick because they do last as a lovely bouquet in the house.





    The most important arrival has been the presence of our colorful leaves. This a shot looking out over Rookie Pond along the Fernberg road to town.  One can see the leaves are just beginning to show their beauty.  While we lost a lot of trees because of the blow down on July 21, trust us when we say the forest is not "naked". Unfortunately, some the trees leaves were so battered with the 80mph winds, that they were not given the opportunity to show us their majestic colors. However, we are sure they will be back next year.





    While many of you have a lot of maple trees, we do not.  Here, however, is one that is sporting its fall transition.  It is fun, as we are driving to or from town, to see the maples pop out from among all of the various pines, aspens, and birch.





    As we have said, there is a marked contrast between the bright yellows of the birch and aspen and the very green pines.




    We do have a new permanent resident in our midst.  This is a wooden hand crafted replica of a bald eagle that now resides in our yard. We are sure he will guard and protect us, and he is a welcome member of the family.


    Even though it is very early to be planning vacations, we hope you will think about visiting our neck of the woods.  Think about it, and we would love to have you visit us and enjoy everything that we and our return guests do.