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    September-October 2012
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
    email: info@customcabins.com


    Well, here we are in northeastern Minnesota, in Ely near the BWCA to be exact, looking at the fall of 2012. Even though we had a basically dry summer with several forest fires (none of which directly threatened us), we actually had a very pretty fall. All of the autumn colors were in their glory. We often made up excuses to go to town just to see the beautiful colors along the Fernberg Trail corridor. The brilliant colors seemed to change minute by minute.

    This is an old red maple along the road which is usually the first tree to turn, and one of the prettiest with the birch and aspens in the background offering an interesting contrast in colors.

    And along with the red maples our wild grape or creeping Virginia, as it is also called, turned brilliant on our wishing well frame in the yard.

    Then the birch and aspen began to turn with their yellows. Seeing the leaves flutter with the breezes was beautiful and made them look as though they were golden. It couldn't be picked up with a still camera. You had to have been there.


    As is becoming another service that Custom Cabins offers, we hosted another lovely wedding. This one was small, but still beautiful. The bride and groom were married in front of a wild grape vine arbor decorated with the wild grape leaves, pine needles and birch logs. The entire venue sat with Moose Lake in the background. It was very romantic, and the weather was perfect. We know the bride and groom will be very happy.

    But then, old man winter decided to show his head. On October second we had snow-yes snow. The walk way was covered and possibly could have been shoveled, but we decided it was entirely too early to start that practice. Besides the snow shovels were still in the shed.

    The poor geraniums were definitely not happy, but seemed to endure.

    While all of the other trees have gone through their fall to winter transformations, the tamaracks, which are a strange kind of pine tree, finally turned colors toward the end of October. These trees are included in the family of pines, and are the only conifers that are deciduous. They are the last trees to "green up" in the spring and the last to turn to yellow and orange in the fall. Yes, they do drop their needles.

    And of course, as the sun recedes to the south the sunsets change direction and composition. Here is one that we thought was outstanding. We wish all of you could have been here to enjoy it with us.

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