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    Custom Cabins October 2018 eNews


    Our beautiful summer season sadly has come to an end.  Many of our guests have already made reservations to return to visit us again at our resort north east of Ely, MN. The trees have changed their colors and are now resting in our long winter.


    Unfortunately, we seem to have had a very short autumn. While some of the birch and aspens were trying to show off their lovely yellow and gold colors, it snowed on the 11th of October. The pine trees next to the other trees held the snow on their boughs.

    That told us we needed to hurry and shut down the resort for the winter. So we drained the water, put the boats and motors away, and closed the cabins.


    Unfortunately Willy was still running some tows for people who wanted to enjoy a lovely fall camping trip, when on the 15th of the month, he found his tow boat covered with snow.  It was definitely a chilly ride up to Prairie Portage with the campers.


    On his way back he saw a doe swimming across the lake. We think she was very glad she was wearing her fur coat.


    Latter, we spotted another deer that seemed to be advertising our Custom Cabin Resort.


    In between the snow storms, one of our neighbors, who we affectionately refer to as our Dr. Doolittle, captured this picture of a grey fox just sitting in the bushes.  He thinks this one and its mate have decided to spend the winter near his house. Hopefully, in the spring, mom and dad will show off their youngsters.


    Unfortunately, some of our wild animals find themselves in trouble and need human intervention. This lady works alongside of the DNR in rescuing wounded animals. She was notified that some people had noticed an eagle near their house that did not seem able to fly.

    So, off she went to try to help it. She followed it through some brush and was able to capture it by covering it with a large net. After she was able to hold its wings and feet she put it in a carrier and transported it to our local veterinarians for assistance. We would like you to notice the size of its powerful talons (claws) and her heavy gloves.


    Finally after the snow we had received in the middle of the month had melted, we were able to see the last of our trees show off their fall foliage. The tamaracks usually don't start to turn until after all of the other trees have lost their leaves.  Tamaracks are the only deciduous conifer (pine) that loses its needles each year.


    While this picture may be a bit difficult to see, we would like to explain what it shows. To begin with it was taken from Willy's student's plane at about 1000 feet up in the air while he was going about 70 mph, hence the blur.

    Looking at the left side of the picture there is a "pine forest" of spruce, balsams, and various other conifers. The middle of the photo shows a large area of black spruce. Moving on across the photo, there is a group of tamaracks, and finally aspens. It certainly looks a lot different from the air as opposed to driving by it.


    Now to the permit situation. As you may know, there will no longer be a lottery as we have had in past years. It will be a "first come, first served" process. The race will begin on January 30th at 9AM central time.

    You must have the latest version of an officially supported browser in order to use "recreation.gov"'s web site.

    In addition, what we do know is that if you are doing your own permits, each leader and each alternate will have to declare a working email address and phone number for each permit. Further, the alternates will have to call or email "recreaction.gov" and accept being an alternate within 72 hours of having received the permit. This includes all alternates on a given permit.

    You can apply by either phone or online.

    The price of each permit will be $6.00.

    We do not know how many permits you may be able to obtain at one time.

    Apparently, you can go into the site now and pre-register names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers of people who will be likely to be leaders or alternates. You do not have to specify their role. You are only getting their name, etc. into their system. They refer to it as setting up an account. Supposedly that will save you time when the actual time arrives to try to get permits.

    As we find out more information, we will pass it on to you. If you have questions, please contact us.