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    Custom Cabins October 2016 eNews


    Happy Fall everyone.  Here in Northeastern, MN, (Ely to be exact) this fall has been totally unbelievable.  We don't ever remember an autumnal season being this warm.  We haven't checked meteorological records about this.  We are just going with our memories. Trust us, we are totally enjoying very pleasant sunny days, and only cool, not cold, nights. 

    Willy and his airplane took a sojourn to visit friends in east central Indiana.  He may have started his trek before the sun had risen at ground level, but he found it peeking through the clouds as he was passing over the Apostle Islands just east of Duluth..


    Who said that after August fishing is not any good?  This super walleye was caught in early October somewhere on the chain. Naturally, we were not given the exact location.


    A friend of ours is involved with wild life rescue.  She was called to rescue four very tiny baby squirrels from a car's air filter. They were so small that each fit in the palm of her hand. She took them to her care center and set up an enclosed "nursery" for them.  She then had to feed each with an eye dropper with about two drops of a special supplement.  As they grew, she was able to wean them from the supplement and introduce them to pine nuts, which are their main staple. Then she moved them to an outside enclosure equipped with tree limbs and such so they could learn to climb and jump and run.  After about six weeks, it was time for them to enter their "real world" in the wild.  So, she let them out of their enclosure, but set up a feeder in a tree with some pine cones. Three of the four squirrels immediately adapted to their new environment, however the fourth was somewhat reluctant. When our friend put out the feed, the fourth squirrel followed her back to her house.  When she refused to acknowledge his presence and he had to eat out of the feeder, he decided to set up housekeeping in the feeder. Nothing like eating at home! At her last report, it seems he has moved out of the feeder, but still keeps an eye on her as evidenced by the above picture.


    Then, we decided to help the birds along by providing some food for them.  Research indicates that wild animals can survive through the winter without our feeding them, but it is fun for us to watch them and, in our minds, we like to think it is helping them.  So, because of the warm weather we were not sure that the bears had "gone to bed", we only put one cup of food out on the railing later in the afternoon.  As you know, from our previous letter, we have had Gray Jays enjoying their treats, but soon we had two Blue Jays along with two baby chipmunks.  The Gray Jays are very friendly and will even eat out of our hands.  Not so for the "chippies".  Hence it is much more difficult to get their picture, but here is one enjoying the dog food we offered.


    We do not have very many oak trees in our area.  There are a few at Prairie Portage on the Canadian side, but we also found one in the public parking area where the canoes launch at the end of Moose Lake Road.  We thought the stark contrast between the reds and oranges in comparison to the greens of the pines was striking.


    The last trees to change colors and enter the winter dull drums are the Tamaracks.  This is a peculiar tree, which technically is a pine, but unlike all of the other pines, it loses it needles late into fall. Gnarly as the tree is, it still offers color.


    A rainbow from the air.  Willy was off on another flight and captured a rainbow while flying over Northeastern, WI.  Too bad it would have taken him too long to find a landing spot, locate the end of that rainbow, and to find his pot of gold.


    Our sunsets always seem to amaze us.  We don't think there have ever been two that are the same or even close to being the same.  This one we thought was totally amazing.  The pink in the water is the clouds in the sky reflecting on the very calm totally open water of Moose Lake.


    Applications for the lottery for permits will begin Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 9AM Central time and will close Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 9PM Central Time.

    We will send out a note to help you through the lottery application process for those of you who have requested it. If we do not have you on the list to be notified, please let us know.