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    October 2014
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
    email: info@customcabins.com


    Well, the summer has come and gone in northeastern Minnesota- the Ely area to be exact- and we are looking to what, some of the experts say will be another "old fashion" winter. This means low temperatures, wind, and lots of snow. Other experts say it will not be as fierce as last year. We guess you pay your money and take your chances. Stay tuned for updates.

    After the season Willy and AJ, the dock boys extraordinaire, who had helped all of you with your vacation at the docks of Custom Cabin Rentals with boats, motors, permits, and general conversation about where the fish were, decided they needed a vacation. So, after they had closed the resort for the season, they chose to take a vacation of their own and go to Montana for a long weekend of fly fishing.

    So the guys planned their "vacation" of sorts, a long weekend of fishing using Willy's "starter" plane to reach their destination. The plane, is a 1976 Cessna 150m and will barely hold two people. Willy is about 5' 7 and AJ 6'3. Both had been on diets, and they figured they could take about a pound's worth of luggage, their fishing gear, and a toothbrush.

    So off they went into the wild blue yonder. The following is their story.

    Finding the extended forecast across the Midwest favorable for our trip, we departed Ely's Municipal Airport on a sunny Wednesday afternoon for our first leg of our journey to Fargo, ND. Crossing the western part of Minnesota after what many had considered to be "peak" colors, we still enjoyed the tamaracks as they turned a deep gold before dropping their needles.

    Tamarack, is an Algonquin word used for "wood used for snowshoes". This is a deciduous conifer that loses its needles after the other deciduous, or leaf bearing trees, have shaken their fall colors. The northern part of Minnesota boasts some extensive stands of tamarack that cover many acres of wet, swampy land.

    Upon arriving in Fargo, we enjoyed the evening with friends eating tacos and getting a good night's sleep. On our second day, with the possibility of a strong western headwind, we departed Fargo well before sunup, leaving behind the forests and lakes of Minnesota, and started out across the heavily windswept plains of North Dakota.

    We had expected to make the rest of the trip in roughly eight and a half hours with a light westerly headwind, but we realized the heavy winds predicted were slowing our progress drastically. As we passed Jamestown, ND, weather reports indicated we were experiencing a smooth but persistent 55 knot (63mph) headwind.

    This second leg of our journey took us over Interstate 94, which provided a nice visual reference for direction, but a startling reference for our speed over ground. Once we noticed the cars and tractor trailers were passing us below on the highway, we decided a return to Jamestown for fuel was definitely in order. After consulting more detailed forecasts for the rest of our route, we realized we would be spending more of our trip flying rather than fly fishing. Resignedly, we turned around and used the winds at our back to our advantage. We made the 373 mile trip back to Ely in three hours flat.

    So, just after we had reversed our direction, we enjoyed some of the lush windmill forests just east of Jamestown, ND. This massive expanse of wind turbines got quite the workout that day. Each individual turbine stands several stories high, and the main "cell" which houses the internal components is the size of a semi-trailer. Though they are not as attractive as our forests in northeastern, MN, they still make a nice diversion on an otherwise consistent landscape.

    After having had to abort our original vacation, and still having a few days left, we took advantage of some of the superb sights, hiking mountain bike trails, and eating at some of the great restaurants in the Duluth/Superior area. But before we landed, we circled Duluth/Superior. The picture shows the entrance to the harbor in Lake Superior, and Route 35 that goes through the surrounding area. It is a sight drivers don't get to see as they motor through on their way to Custom Cabins in Ely.

    Even though we did not get to complete our journey, we had a lot of unforgettable experiences, and we both feel sure that the next time we try an adventure, we will be successful.

    Well, back to the northland, all of our trees have lost their leaves, but sometimes if we have sun, seeing the rays through the woods makes an awesome picture, barren as it may be without the green.

    We had our first snow on October 30th. It was too late in the afternoon to be able to take a picture, so this picture was actually taken on October 31st, and the snow had not even begun to melt.

    But as one can see, although the lake behind the picture from our almost Halloween snow seems to be frozen over, in actuality it was not, as is pictured by this shot taken from the house showing open water and our bare trees on the far side of the lake.

    Happy fall!

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