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    October 2013
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
    email: info@customcabins.com


    Now it is October near the Boundary Waters in beautiful northern Minnesota. This year the trees did their autumn magic about two weeks later than usual. They generally turn during the last two weeks of September. We think this was because we had had lots of rain during the summer months.

    Here in Ely ,Minnesota the first two weeks of October were wonderfully warm and sunny. It was fun to walk through the woods and see the colors of the leaves of the various bushes and trees change daily.

    So as the sun was making its way to the south, the beautiful multicolored leaves turned to a brilliant red.

    Several of the bushes missed the reds and turned a rich maroon.

    If one were to put all of the colors together merging as a montage, the finished product reminded us of one of the opening views in the Disney cartoon movie, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Some may remember the movie as the story of the headless horseman.

    As the rest of the forest receded into its winter mode, the tamaracks, which are the only conifers (pine trees) which lose their needles, were just getting into their full fall transition. They started as a bright yellow and provided an interesting contrast when compared to their green "cousin" pine trees.

    As the tamaracks continued to boast their beautiful rich yellows, they eventually mellowed into golden colors, which also were beautiful.

    But while all of this natural beauty was occurring, fish were still being caught as evidenced by this great bass, which, of course was carefully returned to the waters to go home to have more babies.

    Shortly after the fish picture was taken, it snowed and snowed and snowed. At times we could not even begin to see across the lake. The poor geraniums definitely did not enjoy it. Because the temperatures had been so warm, the ground had not frozen and the snow did not stick around very long. At that time there wasn't even skim ice in the far back bay of Moose Lake. Stay tuned.

    If you follow our web cam, you will be able to see the lake as it ices in. But in spite of the cold temperatures which are to come, just think about the warm temperatures, the quiet of our BWCA area, the beauty of it, and all of the fish that can be caught. .Now is the time to think about a summer vacation to our area to be able to enjoy all of this.

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