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    Custom Cabins November 2017 eNews



    Can November have come and gone? That means we must now start winter, but actually, we saw winter arrive at the end of October?  At least that was the case for the northeast part of MN, Ely to be exact. We saw snow arrive with a vengeance with about eight inches of snow.  Since then, we have had very nice, even warmish weather.


    When we had snow, one of our neighbors captured one of his friendly bucks standing under a pine tree waiting for his ration of corn to be put out.


    Soon a lot of the snow melted and we found deer grazing on the now exposed green grass.


    Our friend also snapped a grey fox casually sitting under one of his bird feeders picking up "good stuff" that dropped down.


    And then there are the pine grosbeaks that hang around here in the winter, but move further north in the summer. A different neighbor snapped a rusty colored female just resting on a branch which is probably near a feeding station.


    There was a handsome reddish male that also was in the area.  In addition, we have seen the two other males seemingly fighting over the bird seed in the feeder.  We thought that birds of a feather flocked together, but apparently, when food is involved that is not the story.


    A friend of ours, a certified wildlife rehabilitation person, was called by the DNR to take care of a very tiny mink that was found on the side of a road. It had been turned into the veterinarian clinic. The mom was nowhere in sight. The baby's eyes were not even open. So our friend had to play "mama" and raise the mink, who she named Ernie. She had to teach him to capture and to eat the food of his species, to swim, and basically how to survive. After about five months she had to release him in to his natural habitat.

    She stationed a temporary house for him in his natural wilderness and stocked it with his favorite food-raw chicken. She checked on his new house every day for a week to see if the food had been eaten and to see if Ernie had been back. It was hard to tell if Ernie had eaten the food or if other animals had enjoyed good meal. Anyway way after about three weeks, she figured Ernie had acclimated to his more natural environment. All we can do is hope.


    Willy sold his first plane to a person who would meet him in Great Falls, MT to receive the plane. He had a terrible time trying to find a window of decent weather in order to deliver the plane.  Finally he did.  This picture is of fields over South Dakota where the farmers have dug lakes to provide water for the cattle which graze there.


    On an entirely different note.  Willy is now in the Caribbean doing hurricane relief work.  Friends of ours lost the roof on their home on St. Maarten.  Generators are providing limited electricity to help with repairs. All we can say is at least he is warm. This picture shows the top of our friends' home that overlooks Philipsburg Harbor where all of the cruise ships dock. It was a Saturday photo and hence no ships were in.


    We are sorry to have to repeat the rules for the up-coming lottery. For the for the coming lottery period, there will be a $10.00 fee for each lottery application submitted regardless if it is selected or not.  So, for example, were you to have submitted 7 applications for one week, whether or not any one of your applications was drawn, you would have spent a non-refundable $70.00.


    We will be sending out the "how to" letter soon, to help you through the application process. You may begin to submit applications on December 20, 2017.  The lottery closes January 17, 2018.