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    Custom Cabins November 2016 eNews


    Fall was very gentle in northeastern Minnesota, as we think it was in most parts of the country. Usually, the ground has frozen, we have had snow, the lake has seriously begun to ice-in, and we have settled in for very cold days and nights.

    But this late fall has been completely different. While it was overcast for many, many days, as it usually is through November, it has been relatively warm with temperatures running in the middle thirties. That is not a good scenario for the ground and lakes to freeze.


    But then in about the middle of the month, we were hit with about 14 inches of snow.  Donna, the bull dog, had a wonderful time running through it.  Of course, because she has such short legs, it was a bit of a challenge for her, but she didn't seem to mind..


    During the storm with 50mph winds, we looked out the kitchen sliding doors and didn't think that we were getting much snow, however when we turned around and tried to look out of the windows on the yard side of the house, we were very surprised to find all of the windows had been splattered with various patterns of windblown frozen rain and snow.  While each window was different, we thought this one was the most "decorative"..


    While that snow melted, our woodland friends were more anxious to be pampered with our feeding station.  While the gray jays, of which you have seen pictures, seem to be highest on the domination scale, the blue jays are the most aggressive toward each other. They often squabble among themselves and scatter the feed everywhere. 


    But after the blue jays leave, we have a few nut hatches who venture into the feeding station to enjoy the sun flower seeds. They also have a feeder of their own, but seem to enjoy the "big" birds'" feeder.


    We also have a squirrel in the mix.  It is a different squirrel than was featured in the last letter. That one lived somewhere else. This one lives in our neighborhood and seems to be in total control of the feeding station.  It is able to chase off all of the birds and have its fill.  We think we have the fattest squirrel in the neighborhood.  Just look at its tummy.


    Then toward the latter part of the month, we had another storm, but this one left very little snow.  However, it did up root more trees.  This one fell on the roof of Willy's cabin, but because the roof had snow on it, we won't know about any damage until spring when the snow leaves.  Anyway, we got it off the roof, chopped it up and put in in a pile to burn later this winter when we have more snow.


    But through both snows and winds, this mighty flower seemed undaunted.  It just seemed to keep flowering and flowering.  Obviously, it is a mighty breed.


    Yes, it is beginning to look like winter as evidenced by the trees and bushes by the side of the road finally becoming covered with snow.  Soon the roads will become covered as well, we will be in the depth of winter in the northland, and everything will look like a true winter wonderland.


    We will be sending out the "how to letter" to help you with the application process for applying for permits for next summer. If you have problems, we encourage you to contact us for help. You may begin to submit applications beginning 9A.M.(central time), Wednesday, December 14, 2016 through 9P.M. (central time), Wednesday January 11, 2017.