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    Custom Cabins November 2015 eNews



    It is difficult to believe that summer and fall have gone and we are rapidly approaching winter.  The only problem is that our weather in northeastern, MN is still very much like a beautiful long extended fall.


    One of our neighbors was trying to cut back her wild flower garden and was suddenly joined by Ms. Deer who decided to help her.  The only problem was that the deer trimmed back a lot of the flowers that she didn't necessarily want trimmed.





    We did have one very wet and beautiful snow which totally covered all of the trees and branches and resulted in a true winter wonderland.





    But then toward the end of November, the temperatures dropped and we thought "ice in" seriously had begun in the back bay to the left of our lodge.  We also had had snow which helped us see its progress.  




    Willy had been up in his plane and captured a picture of Bear Island Lake with its spider cracks as the ice solidified.




    Again, the temperatures rose, the snow melted and the ice seemed to recede.  At least there appearto be open areas in the middle of the bay.  Because the sun is so low in the sky, it is difficult to get a definitive picture, and walking out into the area is totally out of the question.



    We have a friend who has become trained in rescuing wild animals who have incurred problems. She is working with associations in Duluth and the raptor centers in the cities (Minneapolis/St Paul) to try to help save these animals.


    One of the animals she rescued was a juvenile eagle.  Someone had found it on the ground. She called the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) representative to help with the rescue.  Together, they captured the bird.  She took it to her sanctuary where she tried to feed it.  The next day, she took it to Duluth to be delivered to a raptor center in the cities. 


    It takes 4-5 years for a Bald Eagle to become an adult and have its beautiful colors.  If one looks at the picture, one can see that some of the definitive while weathers are beginning to emerge indicating it is was about 2-3 years old.  We have not had a report from the raptor center as to the success of the rehabilitation.  We are only hoping for the best.




    This loon was another bird she rescued.  After a rain, apparently, the loon thought a puddle on a road was a lake and tried to land there.  It injured itself because the puddle was not deep enough or a safe landing.  Someone called her, she called the veterinarian, the DNR, and together it was rescued. An x-ray was taken, and it was determined the structural part of the bird was OK.



    To check its balance, she put it in a bath tub with some minnows for supper, and all was well. After a night in the tub, she carried the bird to the shores of Shagawa Lake in Ely and let it loose.  It seemed fine and instantly began to fish-a happy story.



    The "how to" letter will follow in a few days to help you with permit applications.  You may begin to submit permit applications to the lottery beginning December 16 at 9AM Central time.  The lottery closes January 12, 2016 at 9PM Central time.


    We hope to hear from all of you who hope to visit us next summer.