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    November 2014
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
    email: info@customcabins.com


    Regardless of what the calendar and the weather people say, fall is past its time and winter is upon us in northeastern Minnesota, Ely to be exact. With the snow we had on October 30th followed by a few other small snow falls of one or two inches, along with strong winds and sub-zero temperatures, yep, we would say fall has moved on opening the doors for another winter.

    The snow came down and stuck to the trees and rocks, but because of some minimal traffic, the roads were basically bare according to our standards.

    At the public landing there is a very large pine tree that more or less "lords" over the entire parking lot. One can see that the ground is slightly covered, but there has not been enough snow to laden the boughs of the tree. We think that will change shortly.

    In addition to snow and cold temperatures, we also have to deal with a significant reduction of sunlight hours. While we have about 16 hours of sunlight in the summer, this reduces to only about eight hours in the depths of the winter. Right now the sun is coming up (on the days it does arise) about 7:40, and this will change so the sun won't show itself until practically eight AM. Sunset is 4:34, and by the winter solstice sunset will be at 4PM. In comparison to summer, our days are very short. Of course on the days when it is overcast, it is not uncommon to have inside lights on at about 2PM. The picture above was taken at about 2pm. Please note the length of the shadows.

    As you come from Ely on the Fernberg Road toward Custom Cabins, then turn onto Moose Lake road and come in almost to our Vosburgh Road, you go down around a hill and over a creek, which is referred to as either Hibbard's or Judd's. It used to have more water in it, but at its mouth as it flows from Judd's Lake down into the creek and on down to Moose Lake there used to be a beaver dam. Apparently, last summer, the beavers moved out and the dam collapsed. The last information we received, though not from the beavers, is that there are new beavers that have moved into that area and are trying to construct a new dam. But, remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Stay tuned.

    In case you haven't been following our web cam located on our web site at www.customcabins.com, we have been tracking "ice in" on Moose Lake. Here you can see the ice is almost in, but there was still a large "puddle" on the shore side of the island near the front of our location. There is some "skim" ice on either side of the puddle.

    This picture shows the lake is barely frozen over. We certainly would not want anyone to walk on it.

    Here you can see that the lake has totally frozen over, but the water is still creating pressure ridges through the ice, which have a bit of snow on top. As a result, it looks as though an uncontrolled highway engineer has created some very interesting highways and byways across the ice. This too shall pass, as the ice thickens and hardens and snow covers the "roads". Soon it will be safe to traverse by foot, skis, dogsleds, or snow mobiles.


    As a reminder to those of you who haven't sent your $500.00 deposit, we would appreciate it if you would.

    In addition, we will be sending out our "how to" letter to those who have requested it, to help you with the permit application process. You can begin to submit applications to Reserve America for permits, in our case, generally Day Use Motor, on December 16th. The application process ends January 13th. The drawing will be January 15th, with the results available January 21st. PLEASE call if you have trouble with the application process.

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