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    November 2013
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
    email: info@customcabins.com


    It doesn't seem possibly that it is already the end of November. As of this note, we will be totally up to date with newsletters. Can you believe it? Well, here in north eastern Minnesota, in what is referred to as the "arrow head"- Ely to be somewhat exact, and to be more exact near the BWCAW, winter has definitely begun to descend. Fall, with all of its color, was absolutely beautiful, but now we are heading into another magnificent season-that of winter. In between time, we have what some may refer to as "late fall" or "early winter".

    As a result, all of the animals have begun to move to their winter habitats. Some friends captured the first two pictures of wolves on the road around the corner from our Custom Cabins Resort.

    The United States Geological Survey often humanly captures wolves in order to put collars with radios so the wolves can be tracked. This grey wolf was wearing a collar and happens to be the "star" on a cover of a book written by one of our neighbors, Polly Carlson Voiles. The book is called "The Summer of the Wolves". The ten year old wolf happens to be the oldest wolf in the study. Unfortunately, her battery operated radio died many years ago. Still she is a good looking babe.

    This brownish colored wolf which appears to be her mate, and typical of the male species of wolves, he appeared to be stand offish.

    This time of year is also deer hunting season. While walking in the woods toward his deer stand, Willy captured this picture, among the leaves, of a downed tree with all sorts of mushrooms growing on it.

    During the month, as the temperatures dropped, a skim ice began to form on shallow parts of lakes and also on the tops of rocks and "weed grass".

    Then ice-in began to become serious. Ice-in on Moose Lake always begins way south of "wally world", "back bay", or whatever each of your groups calls the area to the left of the resort-below the narrows to the left of our boat house.

    This picture shows that the lake had frozen in in the far back grassy areas, behind the back bay, and had progressed through the narrows. It also shows that ice has formed around the edges of the lake. This picture was taken on November 23, 2013 with the sun shining brightly.


    And this picture was taken on November 25, 2013. How quickly things changed. To begin with there was a heavy over cast sky which totally erased any chance of getting sun light to help add color and to emphasize the contrast between open water and the ice. We hope you notice how much more of the lake has been covered with ice, with spots of snow.

    Stay tuned to our web cam at www.customcabins.com to see how the rest of Moose Lake "ices-in".

    As you enjoy your family and friends during Thanksgiving, we would like you to remember the good times you have had at Custom Cabins, or may want to have here. After having been out on the beautiful waters of Moose Lake and the Boundary Waters (BWCAW), there is always the memorable fresh fish fry. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you will make your reservations for next summer.

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