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    November 2012
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
    email: info@customcabins.com


    Here in northeast Minnesota, Ely to be exact, near the Boundary Waters, fall has come and gone. The fish have gone to their winter homes, and the leaves have turned and fallen off.

    The tamaracks were the last to go, but offered a magnificent golden color to the already dulling environment.

    We did have two of early snow falls in early October of about a couple of inches each time. The geraniums were still blooming, and the snow did accumulate on the deck. We thought it was entirely too early to shovel and hoped the sun would take care of the melting. It did!

    November is noted as being the month during which we have the least number of sunny days for the entire year. And, as the possible number of hours during which we could receive sunshine significantly decreases, it could be considered as a very depressing time of year.

    But during this time, we have harvesting season of primarily grouse and deer which allows us to be out and about as opposed to just sitting in the house. The grouse population seemed to be down again this year, but there were grouse to be harvested. The hunters just had to look a bit harder. The deer population also has decreased possibly to the influx of wolves and coyotes.

    As a little bit of history of our area, for those of you who have traversed the chain of lakes and may have walked the Canadian or American side of the falls to enjoy the water going over the falls from Sucker Lake into Basswood, it is fun to watch the crystal clear water bounce over age old rocks on its travels downward.

    Continuing, we have been in touch with the Vermillion Historical Society and were able to get a picture of the old dam at Prairie Portage as it was going out in the early 1960's. We found out that the original dam, which was constructed in the early 1900's had been "scotched taped" together until it finally went out in about the early 1960's. It is difficult to imagine the roar of that water as most of it rushed from Sucker Lake through the broken dam and down the falls into Basswood.

    It was then that a temporary dam was put in and finally the concrete "new" dam that was put in at a higher level and with some "carving" and possibly some blasting through the rocks that separated the three lakes known as Moose, Newfound, and Sucker, that the Chain of Lakes was created.

    Well, back to the present, on Thanksgiving night after about 50 degree temperatures during the day, the bottom fell out of everything. In the early evening we had some light rains, which, because of the dropping temperatures, froze and helped catch the five inches of very wet snow that fell on top of it. As a result our area has become truly a winter wonderland. Although the ground has not frozen beneath the snow, people are already getting out their snow gear-skis, dog sleds, and snowmobiles.

    Before Thanksgiving Moose Lake had begun to ice- in at the WAY back part (to the left of our resort at Custom Cabins) there was nothing to speak of. But then the day after Thanksgiving part of the lake had iced- in through the narrows to the left of us along with some accumulation along the shores of the islands in front of us. We are sure it is nothing other than skim ice with snow on top of it, but still the total ice- in is about to be upon us.

    With the beginning of the holiday season and the more frequent gatherings of friends and family, we would like you to consider the possibility of spending vacations. We would like you to consider a summer vacation to Custom Cabins for your vacation. Unfortunately, because of the permit system limiting the number of motor boats and people allowed into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness per week, reservations are encouraged before January 22 so we will be able to submit applications to the permit reservation system to allow you to fish or tour the Chain of Lake and possibly Basswood. You may want to consider at trip to Custom Cabin Rentals near Ely, Mn as a possible Holiday gift.

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