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  • November 2011
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    In our quest to get you caught up on north woods events for 2011 before the year is over, we will now feature November. It is running a little late this year, but it has not been forgotten. We have had, for us, a very warm late fall. Usually by the middle of the month, the lake has "iced-in", but not so this year.

    If you look between the pine trees toward the narrows to the left of our Custom Cabin hill side vista, you can see where ice has formed and where there is open water. Even though there is sufficient ice to support the little bit of snow we have had, we wouldn't want to walk on it. We haven't seen any animals romping on the ice, which tells us our decision to stay on land is a good one.

    A few days later, we finally had had cold enough temperatures to allow the ice to form on almost all of the lake. Then, we even had a little snow to help put a "frosting on the cake". If you look in the second clump of trees on the right side of the picture, you can see Williams and Hall Outfitters, which is below our house.

    As we said, there has been some snow, but we are well below our average. A neighbor of ours who runs sled dog trips is still conditioning his dogs using a two wheeled cart as opposed to the dog sled.

    These dogs are trained to trot at a sustained rate rather than running full out. They are used to transport people and supplies into various fishing areas for fishing and winter camping. You can tell by the picture that they are very friendly, and like all doggies, they love attention and being petted.

    When first looking at this picture, it may seem as though the entire forest is on fire. Fortunately, that is not the case.As the sun makes it yearly trek southward and grows lower in the sky, we get some beautiful sunsets. This is one of them.

    Back to reality! It really is December and time to make reservations and send deposits for 2012. In addition, "permit application season" begins on December 19th and runs through January 19th. The lottery is January 20th. Please note the dates for the application process and the drawing are different this year. The "go live" process whereby you can call the reservation center or go on line and possibly get actual permits will be January 25th at 9AM central time. Also, the price for each permit has been reduced to $6.00.

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