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    Custom Cabins May 2019 eNews


    And now it is May near the Boundary Waters in north east Minnesota, or at least it is supposed to be with grass turning green, trees budding, and Custom Cabin Rentals getting ready for our summer guests.


    That didn't happen here in Ely.  Instead it snowed some six inches on about the second of the month.  Snow is lovely during the appropriate months of the year, but perhaps not so much in the spring.


    Regardless of the snow, the show must go on.  Shortly after the snow, Willy's tow business began carrying people up into the Boundary Waters so people could enjoy an early spring adventure.  Yes, everyone was bundled for the lift up to their drop off point where they began their camping treks.


    As an early sign of spring the snow shoed hares were losing their winter whites, and  beginning to regain their brownish color in order to blend in with the coming of the summer foliage.


    Finally toward the middle of the month, the trees began to make their color changes as well. The grey, back, and white visions we had had since late November finally faded away as the friendly green colors began to come on the horizon. What a welcome sight.


    With the help of Kyle, our new early spring mate, we were hard at work getting the boats and motors back to their summer homes on the skids by the lake.


    The guys continued their dock work repairing a dock that had had some problems late last summer. Its repairs will have been completed, it will be back in the water, and will be waiting for you to tie up your boat.


    With some warm weather and sunshine, the marsh marigolds, though late, are in full bloom adding more color to our beautiful surroundings.


    Alas, as a true measure of spring, the sun has finally moved around enough to the north so that we are getting our phenomenal sunsets.  We hope you enjoy this one.


    We look forward to seeing all of our guests, and we know you will have a wonderful time.  Happy spring to all.