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    Custom Cabins May 2018 eNews



    Spring has finally sprung in the northland of Minnesota. It was very late in coming but now it is here in Ely.  As you know ice out didn't occur until May 7th.  And even though the ice had left, the temperatures were colder than usual and there wasn't very much sun.  Then suddenly, it warmed up, the walleye spawned, and all was well.


    Yes, the walleye began to hit everything. This is only one example, but we think even the fish were glad spring had arrived.


    This 30+ inch Northern Pike was another visitor happy to be out of the ice and to roam about the vast waters of the BWCA.


    And then a small mouth bass, the last member of the most popular triumvirate, showed up in all of its glory. 

    So all of our fish friends are back along with their pan fish buddies. They are just waiting for you.


    Earlier in the month, we saw a pine martin in a tree at the end of the bridge.  He was probably looking for leftovers from the bird feeders we had had out until we learned that the bears had left their winter homes and were looking and any "goodies" they could find before the "greenery" arrived.


    About the same time, and associated with our last feeding of the birds, we captured a picture in one of our bushes of red breasted grosbeaks.   These birds hang around here for a while before heading north for the summer.  It seemed to us as though they were decorating one of our bushes much like people decorate their Christmas trees.


    Then the purple finches showed up.  These are somewhat rare for our area, but they seemed to be pretty much at home at our feeder.   Yes, we know they have bright red chests, but because of the derivation of the word "red", which translates into what we know as "purple", hence they are called purple finches.  Anyway, they are pretty.  Since we have taken in the bird feeder, they too have left.


    But the bears and their cubs are now out and about. Our friend who helps rescue injured wild animals was called and told about three bear cubs that were high in a tree. Apparently, something had happened to the mother, and her cubs had been up a tree for about ten days. Our friend had to call a person who specializes in climbing tall trees and who knows how to safely rescue the babies. He climbed the tree with a lasso type contraption on a pole that he was able to slip over the cub's head and under its front leg. Then he had to climb back down with the cub in tow. Remember there were three cubs, so he had to climb three times-once for each cub. Obviously, the cubs were not very big.

    They were then taken to an animal rescue center where they will be cared for and taught how to be wild bears. When the time is right, they will be released into the wilderness.


    Another one of her adventures involved this fawn. It is obviously very young because it still had its spots. The mother appeared to have just left the baby and did not return to feed it. A person had seen the fawn alone for a couple of days and called our friend, the animal rescuer, to come help. As she gently rescued it, she saw that it definitely was having trouble walking. She took it to our veterinarian clinic, where after an examination, it was determined that it had a broken right back knee. They bandaged it, and again, it was sent to the animal rescue center for rehabilitation. After the knee heals, it too will be taught to become a deer in the wilderness and released.

    We have plenty of animals waiting to be viewed including our magnificent Bald Eagles. We would love to have you to come visit us in our land of wild life and beauty and enjoy what we do.