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    Custom Cabins May 2016 eNews



    May came in not in a friendly way for northeastern Minnesota. As a matter of fact, it snowed-again- for fishing opener, but at least the ice was off the lake.



    In spite of the snow, our mighty fisher people managed to forge through the adverse elements and landed some good eaters.  Unfortunately, most of the walleyes were home wrapped in their blankets, sipping a cool one, and watching "Finding Dory".  They managed to get an advanced viewing!





    On a nicer day this Northern was captured and even seemed to be smiling for his picture.



    While the waters were cold, the sun was often bright and the fish seemed happy as well. Perhaps not these two, but they sure were tasty.



    Then the prescribed fire started well west of Ely and west of Burntside Lake.  It was an area that had been designated to be burned in order to reduce fires.  As we know trees die and have leaves, needles, limbs, etc., which also die.  They all fall to the ground and create tinder which needs to be carefully burned in order to help prevent massive fires which are often seen in the western states.


    This awesome twin engine plane which is a CL415 has been contracted to the Ely area for the summer season.  It has the capability of landing on water and land. It also can deliver massive amounts of water to any fire area. The "out of control fire" was declared when there were about 440 acres burning, but then a second reading said there were over 1000 acres involved. It grew some beyond that, but not drastically. After about a week all was under control and extinguished. Various fire-fighting units that weren't in Canada helping with its massive fires, were called in from the western part of the country to help with the fire.  The ending of the story is that the fire was totally extinguished, no one was injured, and no properties were damaged.  The Forest Service said that it was initially, somewhat relatively, contained because of the previous burns that the Forest Service had done.





    In the meantime, since our air and water were undisturbed, this bass was landed. Another good eater.





    It is always a joy for us to see parents passing on the joy of the outdoors and fishing expeditions to their children.  Obviously, these two children were having the time of their lives.





    One of our guests was fortunate enough to capture a picture of this moose standing back in a swamp about five miles east of Ely on the Fernberg. In other words out in our direction.





    We usually show pictures of our lake with a bright shining sunset, but we thought you might like to see one that is more subtle.  Enjoy!