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    May 2015
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
    email: info@customcabins.com


    Spring has totally arrived in northeastern, Minnesota. The ice has gone and finally flowers and trees are blooming.

    Well, perhaps we have to rescind our previous statement. Yes, in the above picture, there is snow falling. Yes, it was fishing opener.

    But, judging from their day's catch, the continuously falling snow didn't seem to stop these mighty fishermen. Where did they get their fish, you may ask? They wouldn't tell us.

    One of the prettiest sights in May are the cherry blossoms. They just seem to light up the entire area and sky.

    Some of our guests who came later in the month decided to camp before the rest of their group arrived. So they pulled their boats onto the shore, carefully set up their "home away from home" which had screens, and made themselves comfortable. They then spent the majority of their four days fishing in the wilderness.

    This large bass was the main topic of conversation at one of their dinners.


    While these two may not have been "table conversation", we are sure there was a lot of discussion as to who had caught the biggest fish and which one was more difficult to land.

    So this is just the beginning of the season. There are a lot more views to behold and fish to be caught. We welcome all of you to join us here at Custom Cabins for fun and frolic.

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