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  • May 2011
    from www.CustomCabins.com
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    The month of May has come and gone, but the memories remain. We had several days of warm weather, and with the sun getting higher in the sky allowing for more hours of sunlight, the trees seemed to pop and turned from black sticks to leafy beauties wearing light spring green buds, and blossoming to reach their solid rich commanding green of summer.

    First of all we had a notable graduation. Willy graduated from the University of Minnesota-Duluth with a master's in Literature. We are VERY proud of him.

    In the mean time, Gregor, our new guy, spent a lot of time raking, Paul worked on motors and pumps getting ready for action to help clean the boats and pump the water, and Gregor and Willy split wood (which hopefully won't be needed during the summer) for the wood burning stoves in your cabins.


    We had some warm weather in May and the flowering Cherry trees were magnificent. It was beautiful standing up on our hill and looking at the lake through the very fragrant and beautiful blossoms. We were lucky this year, and the weather was such that it didn't even snow on them-but that's another story. The creeks were full, but definitely not flooded, so the marsh marigolds were in their glory as well.


    Spring is mating time for our grouse. The males seems to posture themselves in order to protect their territory as well as to attract the "little ladies". We watched these two males as they seemed to joust for position, but we were not sure whether they were trying to lure a mate or establish their home ground. We never did see the female.

    Hey, and how about these beauties for fishing opener!! Even though the waters were cold and the walleye swere reluctant to leave "home", a good week was had by all!!

    We would like to tell all of you that we have completely redone our web site. Take a look. We also are now on Facebook and FlipKey where you can post your recommendations, comments, etc. We look forward to hearing from everyone.

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