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    Custom Cabins March 2018 eNews

    Excitement is building in northeast Minnesota as spring may be about to arrive. Though delayed this year, we are certain it will happen.

    In anticipation of the arrival of spring we look forward to trees and grass greening up, flowers emerging and blooming, and the most important of all-ice out. To most of us, that means that truly spring has arrived.

    Now in order to help herald the return of "soft water" to our lakes, we are organizing our first ever annual Moose Lake ice out contest. Our contest says that the ice is considered "out" when we can run a motor a boat from our landing to the left of the first island and on across to the opposite shore.

    The person with the closest time will win a $75.00 gift certificate to one of the following stores in Ely, Piragis.com, Wintergreennorthernwear.com, or KondosOutdoors.com.
    Second place wins a $55.00 certificate, and third a $35.00 certificate. You can enter our contest by clicking on the entry form here: https://goo.gl/forms/0qoFTlkDGpqxCQh42. Please, one entry per person. The deadline for entries is April 18, 2018.

    We offer the following information about Moose Lake. The area of the lake that we are using for the contest has a depth ranging from 35-55 feet. Right now the depth of the ice ranges from 18-30 inches. The temperatures for April are supposed to be below normal. One of our fishing buddies has told us that fishing now seems to be a month behind what he would expect for this time of year.

    Now you know what we know, and we wish all of you who enter good luck. By the way, you can check the ice out progress by viewing our web cam at www.customcabins.com. Remember the ice out path is just to the left of the first island and on across the lake.

    And now on to the rest of the news.  With the present snow slowly receding, the deer are out and about. As we were going to town down a hill before Veterans' On the Lake, we spotted this young deer apparently enjoying some spring grass.

    We also saw another doe that seemed to be posing for us. She seemed happy to be able to soak up the heat from the sun.

    The ice has begun to go out on the Shagawa River inlet in Winton.  Here we even found a Canada goose floating around looking for food.

    We also noted that as we crossed the bridge on the way to town, most of the ice has melted leaving a beautiful view of spring water, then snow with a back ground of pine trees.

    Even though we have painted pictures of an approaching spring, let it be known that parts of winter are still with us.  Here, Willy and others including Diving Dog Donna flew into Five Mile Lake located south of Tower to do some ice fishing.  The yellow object which looks like a doggie toy, is actually a cover for the fish auger that was used to drill holes through the ice to allow fishing.  By the way, the fishing expedition ended up being fruitless.  No fish for supper that night.

    A friend of ours works part time with wild life rescuing with the help of the Division of Natural Resources. This is an owl she rescued after it had been attacked by a porcupine.  We think the great horned owl had spotted the porcupine as a source of food and the porcupine said, no way.  Hence, the owl received the wrath of that animal and had many quills stuck in her.  After our friend had rescued it and with the help of our veterinarian clinic had removed many of the quills, she drove it to Duluth where it was transferred to a rapture center in the cities.  We have not heard and further word about the outcome. We hope all is well.

    Then on another stop she saw this pine martin that was supposed to be just a nuisance totally enjoying the birds' peanuts. Nothing needed to be rescued, so all was well.

    Again we encourage you to enter our first annual ice out contest. We will talk to you again next month. Happy spring and we look forward to seeing all of you. If you have not made reservations, we still have room and hope you will join us for our summer activities.