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    Custom Cabins June 2018 eNews


    June has come and gone in northern Minnesota and what a crazy month it was.  By the time June rolls around we usually are through with sporadic temperature changes and the weather has leveled out.  Not so much this year, but still the fish, though a little late, seemed to be on schedule.


    At the beginning of the month the most prevalent fish caught were Northern Pike. Please do not even think about asking where the fish were caught because our fisher people will not tell us. We are sure this one steamed quite well when stuffed and cooked on a grill.


    Though the temperatures were chilly for that time of year, the bass were rolling in.
    This beauty was about four and a half pounds. The guy who caught it seemed pretty proud.


    This one too was a keeper and was caught on a beautiful sunny spring day.


    This young man is a new comer to our collection of early spring fisher people.  He had the time of his life, especially after he nailed this beautiful walleye.  We bet it was delicious, and he will have many tales to tell to his classmates when he returns to school.


    Even though this happened in July, we thought you might like to see what happened toward the beginning of July.  We had our annual 4th of July party.  It is a wonderful event. Our guests along with neighbors and friends came by land and by sea to enjoy a picnic by the shores of Moose Lake. It is fun to watch old friendships being renewed and new friendships made.  We have been told it is "the event of the season".  Whatever it is, it is fun for all.


    Of course in order to throw such a large party, we must have help. Our "dock boys" did double duty that day. In addition to taking care of our guests' boat needs, they helped set up the party at the lake and took care of all of the cooking of hamburgers, hot dogs, and corn.

    Reading from left to right we have Austin who has graduated from Vermillion College in Ely and will soon be on his way to Singapore, China to teach water sports. Next is Logan who will be finishing his last year at Northern, IL University in DeKalb, IL in Mechanical Engineering, and Willy who helps manage our camp, and who is starting to train people to fly a float plane.

    We had one guy missing from the picture. Nils, our newest member, is in high school and was busy with a summer baseball league.


    This is the time of year when we have more and more unbelievable sunsets.  We offer this one as an example.


    There is still plenty of summer left, and we hope that you will consider visiting us.  We would love to see you.