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    Custom Cabins June 2017 eNews



    We can't believe it is practically the middle of summer here in the northeastern part of Minnesota on Moose Lake.  Thus far it has been a relatively cool and rainy summer.  We are wondering if the is Mother Nature's way of helping rot a lot of the trees that fell during the wind storm in July of 2016.


    Well, regardless of cool temperatures the fish are practically jumping on the hooks.  These beauties were caught on the Moose Lake chain, but the exact location was not disclosed.  We know that fisher people never pin point their "honey holes".


    Not only do the gentlemen catch fish, but the ladies do just as well.  As a matter of fact, most of our guides tell us that ladies have a tendency to catch more fish than men.


    Because of the rough shore lines, most of our people fish from boats.  Sometimes they hug the shores, sometimes they anchor, and other times they just troll.  All methods seem to be productive.


    Shore lunch is one of the rewards for a great catching morning.  There is nothing like eating very fresh fish from our clear cool waters. The beans and other sides just enhance the flavor of the fish.  Yummy.


    But then, if a shore lunch isn't in the plan, these trophies were cleaned and frozen to be enjoyed at a later time.  It looks as though this group is planning one large fish fry with these walleye.  They are the perfect size ranging from about a pound and a half to two and a half pounds.  The larger ones need to be carefully released and sent home to have more babies.


    While walleye seem to be THE most coveted fish, bass should not be forgotten. They too are tasty and actually seem easier to hook.


    Sometimes our fisher people take a break from their fishing, go to shore and walk around.  This dad and his son just happen to be in the right spot at the right time and saw this huge snapping turtle making its way out of the water onto the bank. While the turtle wasn't about to hurt anyone, it certainly had this little guy staying very close to dad.


    This picture is absolutely amazing.  It was taken at our dock using a 360 degree camera. We know the view from the boat slips to the boat house and back to the fishing cleaning house is a straight line. We also know our eyes have peripheral vision, but still we are limited as to what we can see from side to side. With this camera we get the entire view in a bent shape.  It could be much like an owl may see.  Anyway, we feel it is simply beautiful.


    Fishing is wonderful and the beauty of trees and water unmatched.  We cordially invite you to come visit us.  There is still a lot of summer to be enjoyed.