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  • June 2012
    from www.CustomCabins.com
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    Good grief, it is the middle of July and you are already receiving the June newsletter. Do wonders ever cease?

    During the month, one of our guests, who as a biologist, was extremely interested in finding a growth spot in a bog for a flower commonly called "dragon's mouth". We did some research and found that the flower grows in Finch Lake, which is across the lake from us. Technically, the flower is referred to as arethusa bulbosa. The accompanying picture is very misleading because in actuality the flower is only about two inches high. But after falling into a quagmire and asking Willy to take a picture of her, she got her picture of the flower. We are not allowed to remove native aquatic plants from their native spaces, but both Willy and the lady were terribly excited to be able to see it and take a picture.

    Willy accompanied her into the bog and along the way found a myriad of various spider webs which the average traveler doesn't see. We just thought this would be a different sight for you.

    Our wild life feeding station is across the lake on the far shore. There are wolves there that seemingly depend on our daily dropping of fish "guts". These wolves apparently have become used to the drop offs. It seems as though they appear from the bush about 30 seconds after our dump boat pulls away from the shore. Talk about conditioning!! We have seen two wolves- one is the basic gray and the other one pictured here is a blonde one. We would bet there are pups back in the bushes.

    Thanks to our last note, fortunately many of you finally sent us pictures of the various fish you had caught. If the pictures are not included in this news letter, they will appear on our web site at www.customcabins.com in the Gallery section.

    Obviously, our guests would not tell us exactly where these beauties were caught from somewhere from our resort and somewhere on Basswood, but trust us, there are lots of fish in both places.

    You probably heard that Duluth had about 10 inches of rain toward the end of June. We received only about two inches which helped raise the level of the lakes, but did not do any damage. Duluth, however, has a terribly mess and will probably have do a lot of "re-plumbing" under most of the streets down town. Ariel pictures showed a lot of silt that had washed into Lake Superior. Many people in surrounding areas were not allowed to go back to their homes in order to even assess their damages for over a week. FEMA has been in their area for about two weeks.

    And as promised, we said we would offer you a better sunset picture. How does with one work?

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