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  • June 2011
    from www.CustomCabins.com
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    Yea, we are late again, but it gives you the opportunity to re-live the summer. Hang in there. As you know, we will get caught up. Also, our pictures on our web site are a bit more up to date. The address is www.customcabins.com. In addition, we are now on Face Book

    So returning to the days of yore, , summer is arriving, however because of our cooler than usual temperatures early in the month of June, the walleye were slow to come off of their beds and to begin to bite. The bass and Northern Pike however, were willing and eager to jump on the many hooks that were generally dressed with leeches or minnows.

    This is a great stringer of slot sized Northern Pike.


    The bass were big and tasty.

    In addition to our regular groups of adults, we also have many parents who like to introduce their children to all of the beauty and adventure that the North Woods holds. Seeing the expressions of pure glee on the children's faces as they haul in their first fish is priceless.

    Then we have Ted, who is a fourteen and one half year old black bear that lives at the American Bear Center about five miles west of Ely. He used to belong to a Wisconsin family, but they soon realized that he was entirely too big to live as a pet in their back yard. When he arrived at the bear center he was a very large one thousand pound guy and recorded as the second largest bear in captivity, and like most of us in America, he soon realized he needed to "down size" and since has been on the "old diet and exercise" program, which we all know, and presently is a mere 580 pounds and holding. According to his handlers, he is known as "a gentle giant", and seems very content with his surroundings.

    Ted, and his "roomies", Lucky and Honey ( who chose not to pose for pictures), live in safe environment, as opposed to cages, and have the freedom to just wander around in a natural habitat. Because they are in a monitored environment and are available for visitor observation, the handlers will often offer "treats", such as grapes and nuts. It was interesting to watch Ted sit, definitely not on cue, to receive the treats on the back of his hand, as opposed to his palm as we would do. He was offered a bunch of grapes and was able, using his mouth, to pick off the individual grapes, and then discard the stems. Naturally, he was first on the scene (remember his over eating habits) to get the treats. Old habits are hard to break! Other than the treats, which are given on a regular basis so visitors can see the bears, they generally live on the natural vegetation provided.

    Then there was the VERY large Northern that was caught. If it is cleaned and stuffed with a bread stuffing, moistened with wine and butter, wrapped in tin foil, and steamed on the grill-yummy. You don't even have to worry about the Y bones because as you pull the meat from the carcass, the Y bones seem to stay put.

    What a beautiful bass.

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