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    Custom Cabins July 2018 eNews


    It is difficult to believe that half of the summer has come and gone in northern Minnesota.  So far everything has been perfect for our guests-warm sunny days, cool nights, gentle breezes and wonderful fishing.  In other words happy visitors.


    Once in a while our dock boys get some time off.  This time Austin, Logan, and Willy-the latter two not shown- ventured off for a paddle.  There had been some rain, but as it ended there was a beautiful rainbow.


    This guest snagged this big bass that weighed about four pounds right here on the chain.  Some of our guests feel that the only "good" fish live on Basswood.  This is proof positive that the "chain" also has great fishing and catching opportunities.


    Up on Basswood there is a somewhat battered and torn Northern white cedar tree.  Through its some 1100 years old it has survived north woods winters and some very vicious storms.  Still it stands proudly.


    The ladies seemed to out shine the gentlemen in July.  This young lady landed this five pound bass on Basswood.  She is quite a seasoned fisher-lady.


    In addition to fishing, the Ely area offers a myriad of things to do. One of the activities appears to be photography. This is a wide angle picture of the deck on our house/lodge looking toward the lake. On the far left of the picture you can see the porch where we spend a lot of time in the summer.


    The ladies win again with this monstrous Northern Pike which was about 38 inches long and weighed about 15+ pounds.  Obviously, because of its size, it was gently released to return to its home and make more babies.


    It seems air plane people just seem to flock together. In this picture, there is Willy's float plane (the closer one) along with a plane of one of our guests had flown in for a few days.

    Willy is a certified float plane instructor and likes to help people become certified or just go for a ride.


    As we said at the beginning, half of the summer has past, but there is still half of the summer to enjoy our beautiful area and activities.  We would love to have you visit us and enjoy all of the activities of the area.