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    Custom Cabins July 2017 eNews


    Can you believe it is already the beginning of August?  We are in the far northeastern part of Minnesota, Ely to be exact, and our summers are beautiful but short.  Along with wonderful fishing, we have quite a variety of animals that hang around. That said, let's see what all we saw and did during July.


    First of all as you saw a bit of in our last letter, we had a wonderful 4th of July party with over 70 people-our guests along with plenty of friends.  Some came by land and others by "sea".  It was a lot of fun.


    It seems anytime there is a large gathering there seems to be the presence of an eagle, and with our 4th party, this time was no different. Given their stature in our country, why shouldn't they look over us?


    Friends of ours happened to find a tiny fawn, probably about a month or so old, that had wandered into their garage and decided to take a nap beside their car.  They didn't know what to do and ended up calling an animal rescue lady.  She told them to let it alone and that mom would probably come looking for her baby.  


    And a few hours later mom came along with the rest of the herd.  She called for her to come out of the garage and to join her and the rest of the group.  All was well.


    Our humming bird friends are back in full force.  When they just arrived in early June, we thought we had two couples.  Then they nested, and it must have been a very good hatch.  Now we have at least 12 birds and are they hungry.  We have two feeders and we fill both of them at least twice a day.  Now, we know they "load up" toward the end of August in preparation for their trek south about the first part of September, but they seem to be over doing their feeding.  Remember we still have plenty of flowers with nectar, but they seem to enjoy the feeders more.


    One day a couple of our guests were going to town when they found a painted turtle sitting in the middle of the road. It was "turtle season" where, like chickens, they just seem to cross the road to get to the other side.  Actually, the turtles were getting to the other side to get to water in order to lay their eggs, but they are not the fastest animals on the planet.   Our guests saw the turtle and were afraid it might get run over, so they stopped their car and other cars going the other way.  They picked up the turtle, turned it over to get the picture of its belly, carried it over to the side of the road and carefully released it.  We thank them for their concern for one of our precious pieces of wildlife.


    And of course the fish just kept coming and coming.  This beautiful bass was returned to the lake to go home and make more babies.


    This 26 inch walleye was caught on Basswood, but the fisherman would not divulge any details as to the exact location.  This one too was sent "home".


    So as one can see, there are plenty of fish left in the lakes daring you to come "get them".  The flowers, trees and other animals are also begging you to see their beauty. There is always room for more visitors, so come on up.  We would love to welcome you to our little part of heaven.