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    Custom Cabins July 2016 eNews

    A bit late from the boundary waters in northeastern MN, but here we go. You may have heard that we had a very severe blow down. This storm seemed to hop skip and jump around the area. It totally took out a historic building on Burntside Lake near Lake Vermillion, as well as tons and tons of trees. Plus there were many trees throughout the area that went down.

    Here at Custom Cabin Rentals, we also had a lot of damage.  The most severe structural damage was to our deck because of a big pine tree that used to sit outside the hall door.  Fortunately, the tree fell away from the house as opposed to the other direction which would have put it in the middle of the big bedroom upstairs. But when it fell, its root base managed to lift the deck and almost push it against the door. At the time, we had some absolutely wonderful guests who manned our chain saws, cut up the tree, stacked the brush from it, and then moved on down to clear other driveways on our property.  Hodges boys, we can't thank you enough.

    When the guys took a break from their chain saw tasks, one in the group set up a hammock and took a picture from a precarious position looking over the hill down towards the lake. In case you may have wondered what Williams and Hall the outfitters down below us may look like, well here is a picture..


    Another site of damage was the dock at cabin #5. The dock had been anchored to a big block of concrete on shore, but on the edge of the water. There was a boat tied to the dock, but because of the 80 mph winds coming at it, the boat and its contents sank causing more of a pull on the dock, and hence, the dock, and boat, pulled the concrete loose from the shore. Making this dock usable again will be much more of a challenge.

    The very good thing is that everyone at Custom Cabins is fine as are the cabins, except for various shingles and screens. It could have been worse.

    Now on to happier things... One of our guests captured this picture of an eagle waiting for his breakfast to be served at the wild life feeding station across the lake.   What more can be said.

    Before the storm a new comer to our area caught this great bass.  We think both the lady and the bass were surprised.

    We also managed to capture this picture of another lady who caught two beautiful bass.  Looks like supper to us.

    Well, after the storm the waters calmed down, sand had settled and we again had our clear waters.

    All we can say is that the end of a storm, there IS a rainbow!