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  • July 2012
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    Ah, July! It could be considered the most care free month of the year, especially for those who live or visit Northeastern, MN-Ely to be exact- near the BWCAW. Our guests just seem to be in a happy party mode. And why shouldn't they! After all, the temperatures are warm (well, perhaps "overly warm" for some), outside play is much longer than in winter, and in general whether they know each other or not, they seem to gather to have fun.

    Of course, during this month, there are many locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables along with fresh fish to titillate our palates. One night, we gathered with friends and guests to share all of those wonderful foods.

    One of our guests brought some Asian Carp which have become a menace in rivers in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and other Midwestern states. The fish don't seem to have any natural predators to help keep their numbers in check. As a result, some enterprising entrepreneurs decided to do something about the abundance of these fish. They are catching them and making various and interesting culinary delights such as jerky, hot dogs, and faux beef sticks. The list goes on and on. We were privileged to taste a lot of them, and we will have to say we think they are winners, and their popularity will spread, hence the population will go down.

    Obviously, in order to have a fish fry, one has to have fish. These beauties would definitely be contenders to be included in the "fry". Even though they won't win the "biggest fish" category, because they are about a pound and a half to two pounds, they are perfect for cooking. The bigger ones are better left having their picture taken, given a kiss, and sent home to make more babies.

    As we said, July seems to be a party month, and sometimes people come to Northeastern, MN, specifically Ely, just to enjoy the beauty of the area. After all we have three great conjoined lakes within the BWCAW that offer great fishing, but they also offer unequaled scenery. One of the fun boat rides is to Prairie Portage where half of the portage is American and half is Canadian. The Canadian side seems to be more exciting than the American side because there is a sign that says "Welcome to Canada" and people feel as though they have "gone international". It is a fun spot for pictures.

    Another party time during the month is our annual Fourth of July picnic at our boat house on Moose Lake. We always invite our guests along with our neighbors and friends from around the lake and from in town. It is always a fun time.


    Willy and AJ were the Grill Masters cooking hamburgers and hot dogs and managing the boiled corn which went along with other goodies, some of which were kindly provided by our guests.

    Everyone enjoyed the spread.

    And here is a large walleye which went back into the lake to make more babies.

    One more sunset!

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