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    Custom Cabins January 2019 eNews


    Winter certainly is upon us in Northern Minnesota. Around the Ely area, we seem to have some records especially with temperatures and winds.  It is unusual for the schools to close, but they did, and then the mail people in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan were told to stay home-very unusual.


    But let's go back a bit to the beginning of January. Logan, one of our dock boys, and his special friend skied for over an hour across several lakes to get to Disappoint Lake where they hand drilled a couple of holes in the 14 inch ice and managed to pull out these great Northern Pike. Our dinner was spectacular.


    Then we had hoarfrost.  This is phenomenon occurs when the weather is clear and cold.  During the night ice crystals form and stick to trees.  Early in the morning they seem to glisten and the effect is amazing.


    Even though the temperatures were cold and there was still hoarfrost on the tops of the trees, Fall Lake had not frozen over.  What a winter wonderland.


    Hello to the middle of winter. Fall Lake finally "iced in" and looked completely different than it does in the summer with its slow moving water. We don't think we would want to walk across it.  After all it is moving water.


    As we drive from our home on Moose Lake Road toward the Fernberg Road, there is a very large rock on the right side of the road. With the added snow we received, we think it resembles a very large cup cake with frosting pouring off of it.


    With still more snow having arrived, all of the trees are now truly ladened with snow and the drifts at the base of the trees continue to grow and grow.


    Cheer up, in spite of the ground hog's prediction of an early spring, we don't think we will see the grass until sometime in April.

    After the permit failure on January 30th, we have been told that the errors in the system will be fixed and the new expected date is to be Wednesday February 27th at 9AM Central time. We have been sending out informational notes as we get new information, and will continue to try to keep you posted. If you are not already on our "permit update" notes and want to be added, please let us know. Our monthly newsletter address book is different than the permit one.