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    Custom Cabins January 2018 eNews


    Greetings from the frozen tundra of Northeastern, Minnesota in the middle of our winter. Here in Ely, we had a relatively warm beginning of the winter until about the middle of December. Then the bottom fell out of our temperatures. Yes, we had day after day after day of below zero temperatures. And we don't even want to discuss the wind chills.

    The beginning of the season occurred at the end of October when we had about eight inches of wet snow. We wondered, good grief, is it going to be this way for the entire long winter season? Well, it wasn't. We just had a few snow showers and warmish temperatures throughout November and into December.

    Now January has arrived and along with it winter in all of its glory. The sun is just past it lowest point, but is thinking about again rising to give us more light and warmth.


    Our January storm, which made this area look more like it should with lots of snow, began with a little bit of freezing rain. Then the snow came-all nine inches of it along with winds to help "rearrange" it. As a result because of the ice on the trees, the snow stuck to everything resulting in a beautiful panorama.


    There is a cluster of rocks along the Moose Lake Road that seems to capture a lot of snow and almost resembles cup cakes with the frosting spilling over the top.


    There is a very old tree at the public landing at the end of Moose Lake Road. This poor old tree lost about half of its right upper limbs during the blow down in the 2016, but still the remaining parts stand straight and tall to absorb whatever else Mother Nature may throw at it. Here, it is sturdy as ever displaying the beautiful snow on its remaining boughs.


    Because Minnesotans take the cold weather in stride, outside activities don't seem to be hindered by the cold temperature or the snow.  A group for friends went cross country skiing on the Devil's Track River near Grand Marais, MN even though the temperatures were well below zero. Yes, they were bundled and the cold didn't seem to bother them. Cross country skiing is usually done on more or less flat ground, but this trail down a frozen creek bed lead them to a frozen falls that needed to be traversed to get to the rest of the creek bed. So, they repelled down the falls. We were told that they could hear the water rushing beneath the ice. We hope you note the person descending down the side of the decline.


    Donna, the bull dog, even with her short legs had fun playing Frisbee in the snow on Moose Lake. Yes, she was wearing her winter athletic jacket and her booties.


    Jim Brandenburg, a dear friend of ours and more importantly an internationally noted photographer, flew his drone over our main area of operation and captured this picture. At some point in time we hope to have an entire video presentation (via drone) of our entire resort.  Stay tuned.


    While Willy and Donna were playing Frisbee on the lake, Willy turned around and took this photo between two trees laded with snow.  Please note that our house/lodge is pictured at the top of the picture in between the two trees.


    Now the sun has begun its travels back to our beloved northland. We caught the sun just as it was setting in the southwest. Soon we will be seeing it in the northwest when it will be warm, sunny, and hopefully will attract many fish to your bait.

    We look forward to seeing all of you soon.