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    Custom Cabins February 2019 eNews


    Winter, winter, winter.  It seems that it will never end, at least not in northern Minnesota.  Our winter has seen temperatures well below normal and snow amounts way above normal.  But rather than complain about the weather, many people in Ely along with many visitors to our area got outside and played in the snow.


    To begin with Ely has a great 10 day Winter Festival.  At the center of the festival was a snow sculpture contest in Whiteside Park. There were professional and amateur groupings. To go along with the sculpting, Ely offered a myriad of accompanying activities. In the park there was a labyrinth for visitors to wind their way through. There were sled dog races from Ely to Tower and back, kick sled demonstrations, snowmobile rides through a large area to help raise money for breast cancer and Special Olympics.  And of course there was food-chili cook offs, and fish fries. The list went on and on. 


    Out here on Moose Lake at the Northern Tier Scout Base, the scouts who were on base enjoying various winter activities also did some snow sculpting in the form of this giant snowman.  Though it is difficult to see in this picture, his arms are canoe paddles, and his buttons and eyes are blue water bottles.


    As you turn off of Moose Lake Road to come up the drive way to Custom Cabin Rentals, there is a sign with our name and logo.  Well, this picture show just how much snow we have had.


    Willy has been very busy snow blowing trails for Jack and the propane delivery man.  Here you can see the maze and that the snow is almost higher than Jack.


    Then Willy took and big snow blower down to the lake where he plowed a path to the fish cleaning house.


    Lastly, he blew a path toward the lake, perhaps in anxious anticipation of getting back out on the water.  Unfortunately, we think that won't happen for quite a while.


    We would be remiss were we not to comment of the recent permit "Go Live" acquisition that we experienced last Monday. We have recently learned that the day use motor permits were gone within 45 minutes. The various canoe permits took a bit longer. We want to sincerely thank everyone who tried to help us obtain permits. All of you were champions. If you did not get the number of permits you need, please don't panic, we will work something out for you.

    Spring is just around the corner.