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    February 2013
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
    email: info@customcabins.com


    The end of winter in northeastern Minnesota is in sight, but there comes a time every winter when even the warmest thoughts of summer can't shake a stubborn bout of cabin fever. Sure, checking in on our webcam provides a glance at the floury-white Moose Lake that exists here in the winter, but it's nice to get a reminder of what the lakes looked like when you couldn't walk on them and also give you a chance to look ahead to Summer 2013.

    Throughout the summer, we try to send you the photos and highlights that best capture the unique experience the Ely area has to offer. In the process, a number of photos don't make their way to you, so the home stretch of winter feels like the right place to catch you up on a few of the things you missed.

    The unpredictable and constantly changing weather in the Boundary Waters can be both beautiful and capricious. Here you can see the developing weather mass that would eventually bring heavy rains to northern Minnesota in early June—including a 10+ in. downfall to the Duluth, Minnesota area.

    Many of you may recall the severe storm that hit the B.W.C.A. on July 4th of 1999. That storm, a microdraft downburst, toppled trees and left many in the Ely area without power. Those of you that were with us for the 4th in 2012 witnessed a similar storm and also spent a few days without power. These photos, taken from our boathouse, show the storm developing across Moose Lake and some of the lightning, too.

    Though we can't tell with any certainty, the lightning bolt pictured in the photo above may hold responsibility for some minor electrical damage at dockboy AJ's house. An ongoing investigation continues; those with information on the incident or the whereabouts of said bolt should contact us immediately.

    As the snow melts and the spring rains come to northern Minnesota, the lakes begin to rise and the swamps fill up. Flowers, plants, and yes, mosquitoes, that have slept for a long winter come vibrantly back to life.

    Cool, early mornings in June provide some of the best chances for getting out in the bogs and swamps to enjoy the flora without collecting a Braille diary entry of the experience written with mosquito bites. In these photos you can see some of the circus-like menagerie of webs that come out overnight in a bog.

    Seeing the sights that nature has for us in the northland is great, but no trip to Ely is complete without a bit of our world-class fishing. Come mid-summer, many of the walleyes that lurked the shorelines, rocky points and weed beds have moved out into the cool deep water around many of reefs found on the Moose Chain and Basswood. Some of our lucky guests managed a healthy stringer on a warm July afternoon.

    Cabin fever can get the best of even the toughest and most seasoned soul. Sometimes it feels like Groundhog's Day can't come soon enough. For those tough winter months we recommend the following remedies: excessive daydreaming; regaling your friends with wild fish stores; regular visits to our webcam (http://customcabins.com/webcam.htm); and looking over photos from summers of the past...

    We hope this helps any mid-winter blues you may have been fighting, and we look forward to seeing you all again once the ice melts.

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