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  • February 2012
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    As the most honorable and revered Punkxsatawney Phil saw his shadow this Groundhog's Day, we were forced to resign ourselves to six more weeks of winter. The end of February has brought us that much closer to a long awaited green spring. Interestingly enough, though, the nearer we've come towards spring the more "winterish" our weather and surroundings have become.

    For the better part of winter the Ely area has had far below average snowfall levels but still enough to get out and enjoy the many winter activities Minnesota has to offer. In some ways, the shortage of snowfall provided some ideal conditions for winter activities that take to the lakes with a fewer inches of snow on them. The heavy weight of snow on the lakes can precipitate a layer of slush making it difficult for travel with cross-country skis and sled dogs.

    All of this changed in the last week with the two storm systems that brought a total of 9 very long awaited inches to the north land.

    This late season snowfall has also brought some valuable moisture that will be greatly appreciated come the spring thaw. As many of you may remember, the late summer and fall of 2011 was marked by the Pagami Creek Forest Fire. Though the Pagami Creek Fire was significant in size, none of the burn affected the Moose Lake Chain and Basswood or many of the other areas our guests frequent for fishing and relaxation.

    Though snow stands as one of our more cherished natural phenomena, there is one that comes about a little less regularly and without the lasting effects of a blizzard. This winter and the last have seen an increased level in solar activity, bringing about a number of dazzling displays of aurora borealis, or more commonly referred to as northern lights.

    These photos were taken on another one of our excursions to Knife Lake, a border lake northeast of Moose Lake by roughly 14 miles. These photos only depict some of the greens that come with a show of northern lights, but occasionally reds and whites are had, too.


    We hope that you all fared well this year in the permit lottery. Please be sure to check that Custom Cabin Rentals (CCR) is listed as the issuing station for the permits you received. Occasionally a glitch in the system will send the permit you received via the lottery to another issuing station. If this appears to be the case with any of yours, please let us know and we'll be more than happy to help you sort out the issue.

    Also, in case you were wondering how the fishing goes here as spring starts to roll around, just ask a guide from bygone days for a fishing report...or just check out the pictures.

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