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    Custom Cabins December 2017 eNews


    It is December, the end of the year, winter, and memory time. We thought we would thumb through our picture album and relive the 2017 season.


    Back on April 14th, we officially declared "ice out". For us in the northland, that more or less, marks the beginning of spring even though we still may have a few more snow showers into May.


    The grass turned green, and the flowers were blooming. Then, of course, the fish moved from their deep winter "homes" toward shallower ones on reefs, and the walleyes came rolling in.


    Of course we had our famous Fourth of July picnic with guests and friends invited.  Some came by land and others by "sea".  It is always a great event. 


    One of our guests landed this huge Northern Pike with a lure that his wife had given him.  At the time, she knew nothing about fishing, but because he loved to fish, she bought a ridiculously colored lure.  It worked.


    Fall was approaching and our wild grape bush that covers a wishing well had already displayed its gorgeous maroon colors. One of our eagle friends decided to spend some time perched and looking over Moose Lake.


    Finally, all of the leaves around displayed their magnificent golden and red leaves.  They were especially beautiful overlooking Rookie Pond.


    Toward the end of October, we had about seven or eight inches of snow and we thought we were in for a very long, cold, snowy winter.  Even for us, big snows in October are rare.  But then the temperatures warmed, most of the snow went away, and the deer even came out to graze on the green grass.


    And now the year is almost over. Temperatures have once again fallen and more snow has fallen. It is the holiday season.

    We would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and hope 2018 brings health and happiness.