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    Custom Cabins December 2016 eNews

    Happy winter from Ely, Minnesota. Our fall was warm, long, and lovely. Then in about the middle of November we were hit with a six inch snow storm.  We thought that storm was ushering our long, cold, and snowy winter, but that was not to be. The temperatures somewhat warmed and a lot of the snow melted.  The lake really hadn't begun to ice-in.  Then came a period of, gray, dull, foggy days, and a little later, a lot of very cold ones.


    We took advantage of some of warmish days to burn some of the piles of trees and branches that had fallen during the July blow down.  Contrary to what this picture shows, Willy was much further from the fire than it may appear.


    Then after the first part of December, we could see the ice beginning to form toward the left of the house in back bay. It usually just creeps its way down the lake and on toward Prairie Portage. This year, however was completely different.  On the 16th of the month, there was actual steam coming off of the water, and other than a bit of ice along the shores, no real signs of ice-in.  The next day, we did see some more serous icing around the docks, but still nothing anywhere near the middle of the lake.  The ice definitely was not "creeping" along.

    Well, two days after the array of steam, we woke up to find the entire lake iced-in. It was then that the "ice show" began.  Though the top of the lake was frozen there was still a lot of water under the ice that was relatively "warm".  That created pressure ridges or shelves.  The water pushed up and broke through the ice forming what looked like "highways and byways" that one might find around a busy city. 


    Although Moose Lake had iced-in, Garden Lake near the bridge on the Fernberg on the way to town, definitely had not frozen over.  Here you can see the open water in the middle with the edges of the lake covered with snow.  The frosted trees in the background help frame this picture.


    On Moose Lake Road there is a very large rock, or a collection of piled rocks, which seem to contrast the white of the snow against the gray of the rock.  It almost resembles white frosting hanging over the top of a cake.


    A lot of people often romanticize about having a cabin in the north woods in the winter to enjoy the beauty and serenity.  This is one of our cabins, which depicts a beautiful winter scene.  We would like to tell you that the foot prints were the result of one of our wild animals that had passed that way, but in actuality, it was Jack and Hart, our two retired sled dogs out on a run.


    Since our latest snow on last Wednesday night, all of the pine trees are finally covered with a blanket of glistening snow. In addition, the roads are covered with snow, and the entire world here is truly a winter wonderland.

    So, we have come to the end of another year.  We celebrate all of our guests and their friendships, and we look forward to seeing everyone back here next summer.


    Your Custom Cabin Crew

    P.S Applications for BWCAW permits are due before 9PM (central time) January 11, 2017.