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    Custom Cabins December 2015 eNews



    Here it is very near to the end of another glorious year in northeast Minnesota.  Winter is upon us, though we can't prove it given the almost balmy temperatures and minimal amounts of snow. Last year we had only about 51 inches, and presently the newspaper says we have had about 28 inches, though given the amount on the ground, we would question that.  Our normal is around 100 inches.


    Last week, Willy and his side kick, Donna, were called upon to make a tow run up to Horse Shoe Island in Newfound Lake which is about half way to Prairie Portage in the BWCAW.  A couple trying to spend a year in the Boundary Waters needed to have their supplies replenished.  Normally at this time of year, the trip would have been made via dog sled, however, because the lakes have not iced-in, the trip had to be made via boat.



    So off they went through Moose Lake, but when they made the S turn into Newfound, they found some ice. Willy had to break through it with both a paddle and the bow of the boat in order to continue the trek.  Donna supervised.


    But on they went through open water and arrived at Horse Shoe Island where there was enough ice for them to be able to safely pull up the boat and unload the packages. Their trip back to Custom Cabins was uneventful.





    Even though November is supposed to be our cloudiest month, we might challenge that statement given the very few days of sun we have had in December. As we mentioned, the lake is still open except for a pretty firm covering in the Back Bay which can be seen through the trees with the open water in front of it.  



    In this beautiful land of trees and snow, we thought you might enjoy a ride town with us enjoying the sights we see.



    On Moose Lake road, after we had gone over the creek, up the hill and around a curve we saw the big rocks on the right covered with snow and accompanied by beautiful snow dotted trees and bushes.



    On we went down the Fernberg making our way to town.  There, we saw many clusters of snow laded pines that helped make a path for us to follow.




    To our right we observed, in an area that is normally a swamp in the summer, a white fluffy lowland with a beautiful grove of frosted trees on its far side.



    As we were going down a hill and getting close to Winton, we caught a magnificent group of birch trees glistening in the sun light.

    After we got back home we just sat, stared out the window and enjoyed the beauty we have in our own side yard.



    We hope you have made, or will make, your reservations for next summer and are beginning to submit your applications to the lottery for permits.  Applications close January 16, 2016. 


    We wish each and every one of you a joyous holiday season and a happy new year.


    Your Custom Cabin Crew