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    December 2014
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
    email: info@customcabins.com

    It is the holiday season, one more time. A time to look at all of the beauty of the season. We would like share the beauty that we in the north woods of northeastern Minnesota enjoy.

    Recently, we had a great hoar frost. This occurs when we have cold temperatures that create minute ice crystals that form on bare limbs or very short "leaves" at night time. When, and if, the sun shines the next morning, the shimmering and glistening of the boughs of the trees are unbelievable.

    So we took some time to cruise around the area to try to capture some of the off road beauty. Here we see a typical winter scene with a cluster of trees laden with snow and semi-buried.

    This is more of the common scene with a field of green and white laced trees.

    Sometimes our trees don't exactly grow as straight as are pictured in brochures. It could be because of the vast number of rocks we have. Therefore, the trees seem to have to spread their roots around the rocks in order to survive.

    Gray Jays are an interesting bird common to the north woods. They are also referred to as "camp robbers" and for good reason. They don't seem to be afraid of humans-our puppies, perhaps- but not excessively so. Anyway, we have had one or two hanging around. A friend of ours, who we refer to as our in residence "Dr. Doolittle", has fed these little these birds. That is to say, he has actually had the birds take food from his fingers and hand. We thought we might try the same thing to one of "our" Gray Jays.. We put some dog food on the railing and just watched. Sure enough, the bird came to sit on the railing studying the food.

    Finally, he/she took some. So, we thought, let's go a step further and see if he would take some from our hand. Well, actually, he did, but our camera was unable to capture it. It was wonderful, and he was very gentle. Our only problem now is that he expects the same routine every day. But what fun it was to share this experience with a truly wild animal.

    Another experience we had last week, unfortunately with no pictures to substantiate the experience, was the appearance of a mountain lion. Yes, a mountain lion. The puppies and we were in the kitchen reading the mail and enjoying chicken chew sticks-they had the chew sticks- not us. All of a sudden, they both started to bark wildly. We looked out the windows that go up the stairs, and there was a mountain lion casually walking in front of the Guide's Quarters and through the parking lot behind where we park the truck. He didn't wince or even look toward the house when he heard the dogs barking. He just continued to stroll on through the parking lot, going down over the hill toward Canoe Country Outfitters. We had friends come up and look at the foot prints to substantiate what we had seen, and they agreed it was, indeed, a mountain lion. We haven't seen him since, but in retrospect, we wonder if it was Santa Claus in disguise, checking on us is to see if we had been naughty or nice!!! We think he is still in the area because the neighbors have seen similar tracks in near-by areas.

    So, this is a time to reflect and try to remember all of the good things of the year gone by, and to time to think ahead about all of the good times to come. We wish all of you only good things for the New Year, and we hope see all of you next summer. Please remember to make your reservations, send us your deposit, and make applications for your permits. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any problems.

    Happy Holidays to all.

    Your Custom Cabins Crew


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    Ely, Minnesota 55731
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