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    December 2012
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
    email: info@customcabins.com

    Well, it is that time of year again—winter in the northland of Ely, Minnesota. Often our guests and friends say that we live in a wonderland, and we suppose that is true. The summers are one kind of a wonder—green and lush accompanied with all kinds of flowers and birds.

    But the flowers and birds have gone and we now have another type of wonder—winter.

    The lake which is usually covered with water is now covered with ice and snow. The day before Thanksgiving, our ice-in had progressed from the narrows to the left of us to encompass the edges of the lake and parts in front of the house. You can see from the picture that there was still a large area that had not iced-in.

    The next day after some freezing rain, wind, and about 5 inches of snow the entire lake had completed its icing-in. We would not have recommended walking on it that that point, but nevertheless, the lake had iced-in.

    So the snow came and completed our winter wonderland and everything has become very serene. As we walk through the woods all we hear is the crunch of the snow under our feet. The trees are now flocked with snow and present a great contrast between their now dark green color with our very white snow.

    Part of the contrast is probably because the sun is so low on the horizon and it doesn't get high enough in the sky to reflect much light. In addition, November is supposed to be the month during which we have the cloudiest days, but so far we think that December is winning.

    The creek in the valley that you drive over before you come to Custom Cabins has also frozen over. The level is much lower that it usually is because, apparently, some beavers had a dam downstream (toward Moose Lake) that went out and hence dropped the level of the creek. Neighbors who walk there have told us that the beavers are busy rebuilding it; hopefully, their construction will have been completed by next summer and the level of the creek will have risen to its normal level.

    We would like you to think of Custom Cabins as a place you would like to visit next summer. It might be a great holiday present for you and family or friends. We would love to see you.

    The time window for submitting applications to the permit lottery is from December 19th-Jan. 21st. We can almost guarantee that there will be no more permits left for the Moose Lake Chain and Basswood through the Moose Lake entry point after that date.

    As usual at this time of year, we feature one of our favorite pine trees to be our representative of the "tree" of the season. Like a lot of us, it may not be standing as straight and tall as it use to, but it is still there in total heart.

    From all of us at Custom Cabins, we want to take this time to thank all of you who have visited us and hope that you and others will return in the near future. We wish all of you a healthy and joyful year in 2013.

    Custom Cabin Rentals
    14663 Vosburgh Rd.
    Ely, Minnesota 55731
    218-365-6947 or 1-800-235-6947