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  • December 2011
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
    email: info@customcabins.com

    Well, it is December, and surprisingly, this note is reaching you in December. Will wonders never cease? December seems to be the time of wonderment and miracles. We, in the north eastern part of Minnesota, Ely, to be exact, constantly have a wide array of wonders of Mother Nature. Our usual green, lush and water laden environment has changed to a real winter wonderland with ice and snow. We will have to tell you that for this time of the year our temperatures are well above normal and snow fall is well below normal.

    The lake finally iced-in and is covered with a thin blanket of snow. With the reflection of the sun on the lake, the area appears to have the appearance of a vast sand desert.

    As you leave Custom Cabins Resort and travel on Moose Lake road toward the Fernberg, our only artery to town, you cross Judd's Creek. In the summer, this lazy creek winds through low lands and because of its twists and turns and surrounding grasses harbors many types of wild life. Now it is an ice berg.

    We had one light wet snow, which was totally uncommon for us at this time of year, which left the branches of the deciduous trees lined with snow. The snow, however, did not stick as much to the pine boughs which created an interesting contrast of snow and no snow.

    Although this picture may not be the most beautiful of sunsets, we took it on December 20th (we know it is the day before the winter solstice on the 21th) because it illustrates the wide swing of the sunsets we have. On the right side of the picture you will see the narrows where the sun sets during the fall and spring equinox, meaning the sun is about half way on its travels from north to south, or south to north. At the present time we have a little over eight hours of sun light-that is on the days that the sun shines. Some days, it appears as though the sun did not have its "Jimmy Dean's" breakfast, and didn't bother to get out of bed.

    This is another picture of our frozen Moose Lake but shows the narrows and a wide area to the right where, if you look to the very right end of the picture and perhaps beyond, you will see about where the sun sets in the summer. It is a very wide swing. Eight hours of light in the winter as opposed to over 14 hours in the summer.

    So dear friends we come to the end of another year. We deeply appreciate your dedication, loyalty, and truly applaud your tolerance with our sometimes not being prompt with getting out letters out in a timely manner.

    We hope that our previous guests will return and we hope that those of you who receive our letters and who have not been here will consider visiting us next summer.

    It is the time for deposits and reservations, so that either you or we can submit applications to Reserve America for permits to allow you to fish outside Moose Lake. The dead line for applications to the lottery is January 19th. Drawing is January 20th. Please call if you have questions. We are brain active until about 10PM Central time.

    We wish all of you a joyous holiday and a very happy 2012.

    Your Custom Cabin Crew

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    14663 Vosburgh Rd.
    Ely, Minnesota 55731
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