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    Custom Cabins August 2018 eNews


    How the summer has flown by.  It doesn't seem possible that a few short months ago we were hoping the snow would stop falling, the trees and grass would "green up", and most importantly was that the fish would start biting.


    Well, all of that happened and now it seems as though fall is rapidly approaching. We do not have many maple trees in our area, but the few that we do have are already turning to show their bright red leaves.


    But our tiger lilies, which bloom later in the summer were in their glory showing off their orange brilliance against green leaves and the lake peeking through in the back ground.


    In the meantime, our guests were having a wonderful time pulling out very large fish.  This one is a Northern Pike and weighed about eight pounds and was about 35 inches long.  Naturally, it was carefully released.


    Because of forest fires in Canada and California, our skies were not a blue as they usually are and our sun sets reflected the smoke that was in the air. Finally, the fires were controlled and out bright blue skies returned as did our golden sun.


    Logan, who is one of our dock boys, had a day off and went fishing with some buddies.  Here, he is relaxing on a rock with his group's catch of walleye. Obviously, they had a great time.  These walleye are about 19 inches-the perfect eating size.


    Now here is a man who obviously doesn't need to be shown how to catch fish.  This bass was about 22 inches and was put back in the lake to have more babies for you to catch.


    One group of our guests was fortunate enough to see nature in action.  They captured this picture of a buck with "velvet" antlers swimming across one of our lakes.  As it gets closer to mating and hunting season, the antlers will become much harder.


    Towards the latter part of the summer, our crew sometimes finds time to go fishing in the evening. On one of their outings, Willy found this beauty.  Again, it was carefully released.


    Even though we are in the downward portion of our season, there is still a lot of time for you to take a trip to the northland and enjoy the beauty that this area offers. The fishing is still great, and you will be able to see the magnificent transformation of our forests as they change from their summer dress to their brilliant fall colors.  We hope to see you.