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    Custom Cabins August 2017 eNews



    Ah summer in the North woods of Minnesota: super clear air, low humidity, clear waters, and plenty of fish. Ely, MN is really a hot spot for all of this. Plus the area is not over run with tourists and crowds.  Oh yes, there are lots of people, but because of the expansiveness of the area, no one is piled high with someone else nearby.  A great place in and near the famed BWCAW.  At last a place for peace and quiet.


    Fishing has been great. Waters have been a bit high because of all of the rain we have received, but they definitely haven't slowed down fishing. Northern Pike seemed to be very prevalent this summer. This one was caught on the Moose Lake chain and was released because of its size.


    And here is another beauty that was caught on Basswood.  The northern's just seemed to be all over this summer, but keep in mind the walleyes were there too-just more elusive.

    Please don't think that northern's are not good fish to catch and eat.  When fileted the right way, they are very tasty and not boney If they are not fileted, they are also delicious stuffed with a bread dressing which can be moistened with a cheap red wine, wrapped in aluminum foil, and baked on the grill. After they have been cooked, the meat will flake off leaving all of the Y bones. Yummy!


    Now it is toward the beginning of grouse hunting season.  It is not uncommon to see a lot of them parading along shortly before the season begins.  Here are a couple strolling down and across the roadway strutting their "stuff".  As soon as the season opens they won't be doing this. As a matter of fact, they seem to become incognito. Sort of, "catch me if you can". 


    One day, we had a family that, unfortunately was somewhat limited to their cabin because of rain.  They had chosen not to go to town to enjoy various activities there, and instead chose to enjoy their family with cabin activities.  So, they all had T-shirts and did an entire family activity of making tie-dyed shirts.  What a family production, and what a product.


    As you know, we had a horrible blow down last summer.  Thousands of trees were uprooted, and others seriously injured.  This pictures some of the trees that were injured.  The amazing thing about this picture shows that trees were meant to grow straight up, hence the new growth of the leaning trees shows new branches that have taken the rightful path and are growing straight up. In a few years, the trees will have a totally different appearance, but at least they are still standing.


    We apologize for not having introduced you to our crew this year.  Here we have from left to right, Austin, who is finishing his degree at Vermillion community college in Ely, MN, Donna, the bull dog, who is in charge of everything, Willy, who is under Donna's direction, and Logan, who is majoring in engineering at Northern at IL University, in DeKalb, IL. We couldn't ask for better guys (and a short four legged gal) to help manage and operate this place.  They are who make this resort the happy place it is for all of you who visit us. We can't thank them enough.


    Ely has a number of fun festivals during the summer. One of them was the Harvest Moon Festival. This event features many vendors who have spent many hours making handmade wears for everyone. There has not been one time when we have attended that we haven't found something that we needed either for us or for one of the cabins. In addition to the vendors, there are plenty of activities for the entire family, such as music and demonstrations of how various products are created. It is definitely a fun event. You may want to put it on your calendar and plan your vacation with us around it,

    Oh, and on the weekend of September of 23rd, Ely is hosting a marathon. If you complete it in your age groups' time, you are automatically qualified for several other marathons including the Boston. Think about it.


    We have had a lot of eagles visit us this summer.  Many of whom have seemed to be doing laps back and forth in front of the house.  Perhaps they were teaching their off spring how to soar and glide.  It has been a lot of fun to watch.


    Our leaves are beginning to turn to their brilliant fall colors. A trip to our area near the Boundary Waters for a few days with in the next three weeks, could be a good respite, a chance to catch your breath and to enjoy the true beauty of our area.
    We hope to hear from you.