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    Custom Cabins August 2016 eNews


    In spite of our blow down in the early hours of July 21 northeast of Ely, MN, most of the damage has been "taped" together and life is going on.   We will replace screens in the spring, and the clean-up of fallen and leaning trees will continue through the fall, winter, and spring.  Not to worry, there are still tons of trees that were not damaged, so your beloved forest is not nearly bare. We are thinking of it as a "cleansing" of old wood. 

    After the storm, the waters settled and are as clear as ever.



    The fish returned to their favorite spots and our fisher people were able to capture them, if not to keep, at least for a photo moment, and then they were carefully released back to their home land.


    Some of our guests walked the Secret Blackstone trail and saw this more mature turtle crossing their path.  One can see from the photo that it has been through many adventures and even had lost part of the pack portion of its shell. If you look carefully, you can see other battle marks on the top of the shell.




    Now, Kirk's Lodge originally belonged to Neil and Minute Kirk, then Mike's parents bought it but continued with the Kirk's name.  Please see the history portion of our web site for more details about this. Anyway, one of our guests, who is an insurance adjuster, stayed with us and did various adjusting in the area after the storm.  He was aware of the history of our place and during his tours saw the original 1948 Studebaker pick-up truck from Kirk's Lodge.  The local owner even proved to him that only did it start, but it also runs and is used in his every day activities. Unfortunately, we don't know how miles it has on it.




    And the fish just keep coming on.




    This is another sample of the fish that are pulled out in our neck of the woods. This one would be great if cleaned, stuffed with one's favorite stuffing, wrapped in foil, and steamed on the grill.




    As the air temperatures begin to drop and the waters of Moose Lake are still relatively warm, we begin to have morning fog. Could it be that the Loch Ness Monster really lives and one day will show itself in Moose Lake?



    Of course our sunsets are totally unequalled.  No two are ever the same. We would love to have you come visit us and experience the various sunsets we see every day.