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    August 2015
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
    email: info@customcabins.com


    We guess we should be scolded for being so late in issuing the August Custom Cabins newsletter. We had been so good all year long. But, long awaited here it is.

    August was a very busy month. There were people coming and going and fish being caught, kept, and released. Obviously, this one was released to go home and make more babies.

    In order to tell one of our stories of Moose Lake in the Boundary Waters, we have to back up a bit. Sometime things happen, but our readers are remiss in promptly sending us pictures of their various adventures or sightings.

    Back in June, Willy was coming out of his cabin and saw a young moose walking across the driveway up here at the house. He noticed it and that was about it. In the meantime, some of our guests who were staying in a cabin down by the lake were packing to leave. They heard kind of a "huffing" sound, and thought it might have been a bear in the woods on the hill behind their cabin. Since they couldn't see anything they went about their packing and left. A bit later, Willy was down at the lake and saw "moose feathers" (we know it is hair) on some of the rocks and trees. We think the moose was taking what he/she thought was a short cut to the lake, but ultimately ended up doing some stumbles, fumbles, and falls through the rocks, bushes, and trees and probably ended up in a "pile" at the bottom of the cliff - hence the sounds of moose's disgruntlement on his journey down the cliff. Willy didn't find blood or the moose, so apparently, the moose's trip was reasonably successful. We haven't seen it since.

    Then a bit later, Logan spotted a yearling bear in the bushes by his cabin. We admit this is not the greatest picture, but the bear was not in the mood to come out of the bushes and pose. You must look carefully at the picture to see his head peeking out. Because we have had a sufficient amount of rain, this summer the bears generally stayed in the woods and enjoyed all of the berries.

    In the mean time, the fish just kept coming in. This gentleman caught this great bass on Basswood. Naturally, the exact location was not identified.

    Once in a while, the guys take some time after the end of a day's work and go fishing. Logan landed this super walleye- location? Unknown!!

    We have also ventured into destination weddings, which are fun. If you check our wedding page, you can see that there are some that are formal, some that are definitely not formal, and some that are somewhere in between.

    This couple called and said they wanted to stay with us and fish, "and oh, by the way, we would like to get married". So we did the wedding in our side yard with the lake serving as a beautiful back ground. We thought, that since their primary goal was to fish, a formal picture with them holding fishing rods was appropriate.

    Oh, the former picture we could say was a "before picture" and this one, standing in the water of Moose Lake was an "after". A good time was had by all.

    In between all of the afore mentioned activity, one of our guests captured this great picture of the fog lifting from the Moose Lake. We were seriously wondering if the Loch Ness Monster would emerge.

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