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  • August 2012
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
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    Hi there. Here in the northeastern part of Minnesota in Ely, and more specifically at Custom Cabin Rentals, we are only one month behind with the newsletter, which is very good for us. We are having a great summer. In addition to the tremendous fish we have to offer, we often see a number of other animals that are fun to watch.


    Our Minnesota ruby throated humming birds usually arrive toward the first part of June and love the sugar water we offer in the feeders. When they first arrive they are eager to suck up the food, but then when the flowers begin to bloom, they seem to prefer the "natural" sugar from the flowers, and then when they nest to have their babies, they slack off a bit from our supplemental feedings. At that time the males seem to dominate the feeders. We even have a "guard" male that sits on a very flimsy branch of a nearby tree and tries to keep the other males from approaching the feeders, which he considers his territory. After the hatch, the fledglings and the moms seem to dominate the feeders until the entire family "porks up" for their fall flight south to South America, obviously, with stops along the way.

    Then, there is one of our Custom Cabin groups that seemed to have an extra member. Though the picture is not good because it was taken from a phone towards dusk, it is a photo of a wood chuck that seemed to move between a large wood pile and a low deck. It appeared that he was not underfed.

    One of our neighbors seems to attract bears, and why we don't know. We have written previously that the black bears, which can arrive wearing the colors of black, brown or even blonde, seem to congregate in their yard. This year there was a small cub, which we are sure Mom had thrown out of the den in the spring, and that had a total fascination with the bird seed which she had put out for the birds. This advanced cub thought it was all for him and dove in.

    Later we saw a loon, which was definitely was not afraid of us and spent a lot of time priming in order to "put on" traveling clothes in preparation for the trip south for the winter.

    Naturally, we also saw an adult eagle flying around. He/she finally sat in a tree and posed for a picture.

    Of course we had great fish that were caught, but the fisher people refused to tell us where they were caught!

    And here is our August sunset.

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