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  • August 2011
    from www.CustomCabins.com
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    For your trip down memory lane, it is now August here in Ely in northern Minnesota. It has been a dry summer, and the water level in the lakes is falling. It is becoming serious as evidenced by the rocks and tree stumps that are beginning to be visible, and the number of props that have interviewed these rocks "up close and personal".

    Part of the fun of catching fish, for those who keep them, is the weekly fish fry. This usually ends up being an entire feast for all involved, and we can guarantee you that not a crumb is wasted. If you are a fish eater, fresh fish from the cool waters of the Boundary Waters is a treat to savor.

    This Northern probably gave the fisherman a good fight and offered plenty of sport. We have had many Northerns on the line which have never hit the net or the boat, so congratulations to the fisherman.

    We have found a great way to prepare northern that eliminates the hassle of trying to take out the Y bones. After having removed the head and cleaned out the inside of the fish, leave the skin on. Next, stuff the fish with a bread stuffing, moistened with a cheap wine and butter. Then wrap the fish in aluminum foil and bake it on the grill. It is wonderful. As you pull off the meat, the Y bones just seem to fall away. This is about as good as our "Betty Crocker" gets.

    We did have a group of gentlemen, actually three generations, fly in from Indiana. We met them at the Ely Airport, and immediately took some of them to our Custom Cabins Resort and others to the grocery stores for supplies. They seemed to have a wonderful time fishing the Moose Lake Chain and Basswood, and are anticipating an equally great time here in the North Woods of Minnesota next year.

    Across the lake from us, we have what the Forest Service refers to as our "Wild Life Feeding Station". As you look at our web cam, it is the last projection into the water before the forest starts again on the far shore. If you look carefully, you can see it from our web cam at www.customcainbs.com.

    Every morning, Willy, Gregor, or Paul take the fish entrails from the fish cleaning house over to the far shore so various forms of wild life can feed on them. One day they were there when a wolf came out of the bushes to inspect the daily offering.

    First of all she appeared to looked at the smorgasbord.

    Next, not believing what she saw, she just sat on some rocks staring at the food and tried to decide where to start to feast.

    Lastly, perhaps she was thanking whomever for the feast, or just looking pleased that she had enjoyed a great meal.


    We need to discuss some serious business. The Forest Service is deciding whether or not to change the permit reservation process. They are telling us that instead of having a lottery, they want to disperse permits "live" on line/or by telephone. That means it would be a "shot gun" start for all of us. We have heard dates for the live reservations could be Dec. 1, Jan.1, Jan. 11, or Jan. 27. By the same token, the Forest Service also has mentioned that the implementation of this new system could be postponed.

    We just wanted you to be aware of the possible pending changes. If you have comments pro or con, we would love to hear from you, and, with your permission, we will forward them to the District Forest Service Ranger in Ely, as well as our representatives and senators. In addition, you may also want to send your comments to your legislators in hopes they will join with our people.

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