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    Custom Cabins April 2019 eNews


    Spring has finally arrived in northeast Minnesota, however it has been rather strange. The month started normally, well normally for us. Yes there was some snow on the ground, but we could see spots where there was grass. We were getting our hopes up that we would see more grass and perhaps some budding trees.


    Then about two weeks into the month, we had a snow storm with about four inches of wet heavy stuff, and with cold temperatures, it stuck around for quite a while.


    However, after the snow had settled, some of our friends were out an about on Birch Lake fishing for northern pike. After hand drilling down about 30 inches, they hit water.  Soon after they pulled out this 42" pike.


    This is what the above fish looked like after it was pulled out of the fishing hole. Because of its size, it was carefully released back down the drilled opening. For those of you who may be interested in early spring fishing while the ice is still on the lakes, these gentlemen skied six miles, taking them about an hour and a half, while carrying their fishing gear, an auger, and bait, which in this case was smelt.


    Then toward the end of the month, we all started to get excited about the progression of the pending ice out. Because we are above the Laurentian Divide, water flows from the south to the north. Therefore if you are standing on the lake side of our house, the ice will recede from the left to the right down to the Prairie Portage falls. Sometimes it just eases out, and other times it goes with a bang because of winds. Fortunately, this year it whimpered out with open spots in and among its travel.

    Ice out, according to our definition, is when we can drive a boat across the lake from our landing to the far northern shore as viewed in our webcam. Well, on the 28th, there were some pretty good ice chunks that could definitely have impaired one's travel.

    So when we checked at about 6AM the next morning on April 29th, there was a clear opening all of the way across the lake. That is when we declared our official "ice out".

    We are happy to announce our winners: Tiffany Zemke (Ely) #1, Mike Toon (Indiana) #2, John Rozak (Illinois) #3. Each gets to choose gift certificates from Wintergreen Northern Wear, Piragis, or Kondos. Congratulations to all of you who took the time to enter our contest. We hope all of you and even more may enter next year. It is free!


    But shortly after our declaration, the skies opened up and it snowed and snowed and snowed. As a matter of fact, it snowed for about 12 hours and closely resembled the pictures from the beginning of the month. We're not talking about flurries-we are talking serious, wet, heavy snow. We measured about six and a half inches, however there could have been more because some of it might have melted as it touched down. We swore we would not shovel, but in the end did so in order to cut a path to the house. Aahh spring.


    After the snow had finally ended, Willy found a clear wolf print down in the out lot.  He measured it in comparison to the size of his hand.  It measured about five and a half inches.  Obviously, it was a mature wolf.


    Well, we are about to open for our wonderful northern Minnesota summer season and we look forward to seeing all of you.